Michel Brink
Michel Brink
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Recovery and performance in sport: consensus statement
M Kellmann, M Bertollo, L Bosquet, M Brink, AJ Coutts, R Duffield, ...
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A Van Der Sluis, MT Elferink-Gemser, MJ Coelho-e-Silva, JA Nijboer, ...
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Coaches’ and players’ perceptions of training dose: not a perfect match
MS Brink, WGP Frencken, G Jordet, KAPM Lemmink
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A Jaspers, JP Kuyvenhoven, F Staes, WGP Frencken, WF Helsen, ...
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Evidence of nervous system sensitization in commonly presenting and persistent painful tendinopathies: a systematic review
ML Plinsinga, MS Brink, B Vicenzino, CP Van Wilgen
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GLJ Kemper, A Van Der Sluis, MS Brink, C Visscher, WGP Frencken, ...
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Importance of peak height velocity timing in terms of injuries in talented soccer players
A Van der Sluis, MT Elferink-Gemser, MS Brink, C Visscher
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Multidimensional monitoring of recovery status and implications for performance
J Heidari, J Beckmann, M Bertollo, M Brink, KW Kallus, C Robazza, ...
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Postmatch recovery of physical performance and biochemical markers in team ball sports: a systematic review
SH Doeven, MS Brink, SJ Kosse, KAPM Lemmink
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Can we detect non-functional overreaching in young elite soccer players and middle-long distance runners using field performance tests?
SL Schmikli, MS Brink, WR De Vries, FJG Backx
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Illness perceptions and mood states are associated with injury-related outcomes in athletes
CP van Wilgen, AA Kaptein, MS Brink
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HTD van der Does, MS Brink, RTA Otter, C Visscher, KAPM Lemmink
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ML Plinsinga, CP Van Wilgen, MS Brink, V Vuvan, A Stephenson, ...
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Unlocking the potential of big data to support tactical performance analysis in professional soccer: A systematic review
FR Goes, LA Meerhoff, MJO Bueno, DM Rodrigues, FA Moura, MS Brink, ...
European Journal of Sport Science 21 (4), 481-496, 2021
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