Atul D. Sontakke
Atul D. Sontakke
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Concentration-dependent luminescence of Tb3+ ions in high calcium aluminosilicate glasses
AD Sontakke, K Biswas, K Annapurna
Journal of Luminescence 129 (11), 1347-1355, 2009
Near-infrared multi-wavelengths long persistent luminescence of Nd3+ ion through persistent energy transfer in Ce3+, Cr3+ co-doped Y3Al2Ga3O12 for the …
J Xu, S Tanabe, AD Sontakke, J Ueda
Applied Physics Letters 107 (8), 081903, 2015
Luminescence properties of dual valence Eu doped nano-crystalline BaF 2 embedded glass-ceramics and observation of Eu 2+→ Eu 3+ energy transfer
K Biswas, AD Sontakke, R Sen, K Annapurna
Journal of fluorescence 22 (2), 745-752, 2012
Enhanced Blue Emission from Transparent Oxyfluoride Glass–Ceramics Containing Pr3+:BaF2 Nanocrystals
K Biswas, AD Sontakke, J Ghosh, K Annapurna
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 93 (4), 1010-1017, 2010
Concentration quenched luminescence and energy transfer analysis of Nd 3+ ion doped Ba-Al-metaphosphate laser glasses
AD Sontakke, K Biswas, AK Mandal, K Annapurna
Applied Physics B 101 (1), 235-244, 2010
Effect of synthesis conditions on Ce3+ luminescence in borate glasses
AD Sontakke, J Ueda, S Tanabe
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 431, 150-153, 2016
Efficient ~2.0 μm emission from Ho3+ doped tellurite glass sensitized by Yb3+ ions: Judd-Ofelt analysis and energy transfer mechanism
S Balaji, AD Sontakke, R Sen, A Kalyandurg
Optical Materials Express 1 (2), 138-150, 2011
Enhanced 2 μm broad-band emission and NIR to visible frequency up-conversion from Ho3+/Yb3+ co-doped Bi2O3–GeO2–ZnO glasses
K Biswas, AD Sontakke, R Sen, K Annapurna
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 112, 301-308, 2013
Sensitized red luminescence from Bi3+ co-doped Eu3+: ZnO–B2O3 glasses
AD Sontakke, A Tarafder, K Biswas, K Annapurna
Physica B: Condensed Matter 404 (20), 3525-3529, 2009
Influence of bismuth on structural, elastic and spectroscopic properties of Nd3+ doped Zinc–Boro-Bismuthate glasses
G Gupta, AD Sontakke, P Karmakar, K Biswas, S Balaji, R Saha, R Sen, ...
Journal of luminescence 149, 163-169, 2014
Spectroscopic properties and concentration effects on luminescence behavior of Nd3+ doped Zinc–Boro–Bismuthate glasses
AD Sontakke, K Annapurna
Materials Chemistry and Physics 137 (3), 916-921, 2013
Study on Tb3+ containing high silica and low silica calcium aluminate glasses: Impact of optical basicity
AD Sontakke, K Annapurna
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 94, 180-185, 2012
A Comparison on Ce3+ Luminescence in Borate Glass and YAG Ceramic: Understanding the Role of Host’s Characteristics
AD Sontakke, J Ueda, J Xu, K Asami, M Katayama, Y Inada, S Tanabe
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (31), 17683-17691, 2016
Broadband Er 3+ emission in highly nonlinear Bismuth modified Zinc-Borate glasses
AD Sontakke, K Biswas, A Tarafder, R Sen, K Annapurna
Optical Materials Express 1 (3), 344-356, 2011
Efficient non-resonant energy transfer in Nd 3+-Yb 3+ codoped Ba-Al-metaphosphate glasses
AD Sontakke, K Biswas, R Sen, K Annapurna
JOSA B 27 (12), 2750-2758, 2010
Role of electron transfer in Ce3+ sensitized Yb3+ luminescence in borate glass
AD Sontakke, J Ueda, Y Katayama, Y Zhuang, P Dorenbos, S Tanabe
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (1), 013105, 2015
Yb 3+ ion concentration effects on∼ 1 μm emission in tellurite glass
S Balaji, AD Sontakke, K Annapurna
JOSA B 29 (7), 1569-1579, 2012
Near-infrared frequency down-conversion and cross-relaxation in Eu2+/Eu3+–Yb3+ doped transparent oxyfluoride glass and glass–ceramics
K Biswas, S Balaji, D Ghosh, AD Sontakke, K Annapurna
Journal of alloys and compounds 608, 266-271, 2014
Synthesis and Structural Probing of Eu3+ Doped BaYF5 Nano‐Crystals in Transparent Oxyfluoride Glass‐Ceramics
K Biswas, AD Sontakke, K Annapurna
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 3 (2), 154-162, 2012
Experimental insights on the electron transfer and energy transfer processes between Ce3+-Yb3+ and Ce3+-Tb3+ in borate glass
AD Sontakke, J Ueda, Y Katayama, P Dorenbos, S Tanabe
Applied Physics Letters 106 (13), 131906, 2015
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