Jeffrey A. Nittrouer
Jeffrey A. Nittrouer
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Bedform transport rates for the lowermost Mississippi River
JA Nittrouer, MA Allison, R Campanella
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 113 (F3), 2008
Spatial and temporal trends for water-flow velocity and bed-material sediment transport in the lower Mississippi River
JA Nittrouer, J Shaw, MP Lamb, D Mohrig
Bulletin 124 (3-4), 400-414, 2012
Backwater and river plume controls on scour upstream of river mouths: Implications for fluvio‐deltaic morphodynamics
MP Lamb, JA Nittrouer, D Mohrig, J Shaw
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 117 (F1), 2012
Backwater controls of avulsion location on deltas
P Chatanantavet, MP Lamb, JA Nittrouer
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (1), 2012
Sand as a stable and sustainable resource for nourishing the Mississippi River delta
JA Nittrouer, E Viparelli
Nature Geoscience 7 (5), 350-354, 2014
The lowermost Mississippi River: a mixed bedrock‐alluvial channel
JA Nittrouer, D Mohrig, MA Allison, APB PEYRET
Sedimentology 58 (7), 1914-1934, 2011
Mitigating land loss in coastal Louisiana by controlled diversion of Mississippi River sand
JA Nittrouer, JL Best, C Brantley, RW Cash, M Czapiga, P Kumar, ...
Nature Geoscience 5 (8), 534-537, 2012
Impacts of the dam-orientated water-sediment regulation scheme on the lower reaches and delta of the Yellow River (Huanghe): A review
H Wang, X Wu, N Bi, S Li, P Yuan, A Wang, JPM Syvitski, Y Saito, Z Yang, ...
Global and Planetary Change 157, 93-113, 2017
Testing morphodynamic controls on the location and frequency of river avulsions on fans versus deltas: Huanghe (Yellow River), China
V Ganti, Z Chu, MP Lamb, JA Nittrouer, G Parker
Geophysical Research Letters 41 (22), 7882-7890, 2014
Punctuated sand transport in the lowermost Mississippi River
JA Nittrouer, D Mohrig, M Allison
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 116 (F4), 2011
The Selenga River delta: a geochemical barrier protecting Lake Baikal waters
S Chalov, J Thorslund, N Kasimov, D Aybullatov, E Ilyicheva, D Karthe, ...
Regional environmental change 17 (7), 2039-2053, 2017
The exceptional sediment load of fine-grained dispersal systems: Example of the Yellow River, China
H Ma, JA Nittrouer, K Naito, X Fu, Y Zhang, AJ Moodie, Y Wang, B Wu, ...
Science advances 3 (5), e1603114, 2017
Stepwise morphological evolution of the active Yellow River (Huanghe) delta lobe (1976–2013): Dominant roles of riverine discharge and sediment grain size
X Wu, N Bi, J Xu, JA Nittrouer, Z Yang, Y Saito, H Wang
Geomorphology 292, 115-127, 2017
Modeling flow and sediment transport dynamics in the lowermost Mississippi River, Louisiana, USA, with an upstream alluvial‐bedrock transition and a downstream bedrock‐alluvial …
E Viparelli, JA Nittrouer, G Parker
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 120 (3), 534-563, 2015
Water in Central Asia: an integrated assessment for science-based management
D Karthe, I Abdullaev, B Boldgiv, D Borchardt, S Chalov, J Jarsjö, L Li, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 76 (20), 1-15, 2017
Impacts of hurricane storm surge on infrastructure vulnerability for an evolving coastal landscape
KA Anarde, S Kameshwar, JN Irza, JA Nittrouer, J Lorenzo-Trueba, ...
Natural Hazards Review 19 (1), 04017020, 2018
Cost analysis of water and sediment diversions to optimize land building in the Mississippi River delta
MA Kenney, BF Hobbs, D Mohrig, H Huang, JA Nittrouer, W Kim, G Parker
Water Resources Research 49 (6), 3388-3405, 2013
Modern sedimentation in a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate coral reel environment, La Parguera, Puerto Rico
K Ryan-Mishkin, JP Walsh, DR Corbett, MB Dail, JA Nittrouer
Caribbean Journal of Science 45 (2–3), 151-167, 2009
Backwater hydrodynamics and sediment transport in the lowermost Mississippi River Delta: Implications for the development of fluvial-deltaic landforms in a large lowland river
JA Nittrouer
IAHS-AISH Publ 358, 48-61, 2013
Controls on gravel termination in seven distributary channels of the Selenga River Delta, Baikal Rift basin, Russia
TY Dong, JA Nittrouer, E Il’icheva, M Pavlov, B McElroy, MJ Czapiga, ...
Bulletin 128 (7-8), 1297-1312, 2016
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