Iryna Omelchenko
Iryna Omelchenko
SSI "Institute for Single Crystals" NAS of Ukraine
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Aromaticity in heterocyclic analogues of benzene: comprehensive analysis of structural aspects, electron delocalization and magnetic characteristics
IV Omelchenko, OV Shishkin, L Gorb, J Leszczynski, S Fias, P Bultinck
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (46), 20536-20548, 2011
Intramolecular S··· O chalcogen bond in thioindirubin
OV Shishkin, IV Omelchenko, AL Kalyuzhny, BV Paponov
Structural Chemistry 21 (5), 1005-1011, 2010
A rapid and facile synthesis of new spiropyrimidines from 5-(2-arylethylidene-2-oxo)-1, 3-dimethylpyrimidine-2, 4, 6-triones
LL Gozalishvili, TV Beryozkina, IV Omelchenko, RI Zubatyuk, OV Shishkin, ...
Tetrahedron 64 (37), 8759-8765, 2008
Aromaticity of monosubstituted derivatives of benzene. The application of out-of-plane ring deformation energy for a quantitative description of aromaticity
OV Shishkin, IV Omelchenko, MV Krasovska, RI Zubatyuk, L Gorb, ...
Journal of molecular structure 791 (1-3), 158-164, 2006
Properties, aromaticity, and substituents effects in poly nitro-and amino-substituted benzenes
IV Omelchenko, OV Shishkin, L Gorb, FC Hill, J Leszczynski
Structural Chemistry 23 (5), 1585-1597, 2012
Magnetic, high-field EPR studies and catalytic activity of Schiff base tetranuclear Cu II 2 Fe III 2 complexes obtained by direct synthesis
OV Nesterova, EN Chygorin, VN Kokozay, VV Bon, IV Omelchenko, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (48), 16909-16919, 2013
Ionization and tautomerism of methyl fluorescein and related dyes
NO Mchedlov-Petrossyan, TA Cheipesh, SV Shekhovtsov, AN Redko, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 150, 151-161, 2015
Structural, magnetic, thermal and visible light-driven water oxidation studies of heterometallic Mn/V complexes
MV Pavliuk, VG Makhankova, VN Kokozay, IV Omelchenko, J Jezierska, ...
Polyhedron 88, 81-89, 2015
Decavanadates decorated with [Cu (en) 2] 2+: convenient synthetic route, crystal structures and analysis of vibrational spectra
MV Pavliuk, VG Makhankova, OV Khavryuchenko, VN Kokozay, ...
Polyhedron 81, 597-606, 2014
The efficient synthesis of 3-R-6-thio-6, 7-dihydro-2H-[l, 2, 4] triazino [2, 3-c]-quinazoline-2-ones and their derivatives, antimicrobial and antifungal activity
GG Berest, OY Voskoboynic, SI Kovalenko, RS Sinyak, IV Ornelchenko, ...
Журнал органічної та фармацевтичної хімії, 2010
A synthesis of 6-functionalized 4,7-dihydro[1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines
MA Kolosov, EH Shvets, DA Manuenkov, SA Vlasenko, IV Omelchenko, ...
Tetrahedron Letters 58 (12), 1207-1210, 2017
Three-component synthesis of tetrasubstituted pyrroles by condensation with amines and arylglyoxals
NN Kolos, VV Zubar, IV Omelchenko, VI Musatov
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 52 (4), 237-243, 2016
Direct synthesis of a {Co III6 Fe III6} dodecanuclear complex, revealing an unprecedented molecular structure type
EN Chygorin, VN Kokozay, IV Omelchenko, OV Shishkin, J Titiš, R Boča, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (24), 10918-10922, 2015
Substituent effects and aromaticity of six-membered heterocycles
IV Omelchenko, OV Shishkin, L Gorb, FC Hill, J Leszczynski
Structural Chemistry 24 (2), 725-733, 2013
Synthesis and crystal structures of new potential chelating sulfonylamidophosphate ligands
OV Moroz, VA Trush, KO Znovjyak, IS Konovalova, IV Omelchenko, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1017, 109-114, 2012
Dynamical nonplanarity of benzene. evidences from the car–parrinello molecular dynamics study
OV Shishkin, P Dopieralski, IV Omelchenko, L Gorb, Z Latajka, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2 (22), 2881-2884, 2011
Synthesis and crystal structure determination of 2, 6-di-tert-butyl-4-(2, 4, 6-triphenylpyridinium-1-yl) phenolate and its corresponding perchlorate salt
SV Shekhovtsov, IV Omelchenko, VV Dyakonenko, OV Shishkin, ...
Dyes and Pigments 92 (3), 1394-1399, 2012
A self-assembled octanuclear complex bearing the uncommon close-packed {Fe 4 Mn 4 (μ 4-O) 4 (μ-O) 4} molecular core
OV Nesterova, EN Chygorin, VN Kokozay, IV Omelchenko, OV Shishkin, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (33), 14918-14924, 2015
exo-2, 3-Epoxybicyclo [2.2. 1] heptan-endo-5, 6-dicarboximides: versatile starting materials for the preparation of oxazaheterocyclic cage compounds
VA Palchikov, IN Tarabara, OV Krishchik, IV Omelchenko, SV Shishkina, ...
Monatshefte für Chemie-Chemical Monthly 145 (7), 1155-1163, 2014
Tris (2, 2′-bipyridine-κ2N, N′) cobalt (III) tris (oxalato-κ2O1, O2) ferrate (III) monohydrate
EN Chygorin, SR Petrusenko, VN Kokozay, IV Omelchenko, OV Shishkin
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online 68 (3), m233-m234, 2012
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