Masumi YAMAMURO (山室真澄)
Masumi YAMAMURO (山室真澄)
The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Professor
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Rapid direct determination of organic carbon and nitrogen in carbonate‐bearing sediments with a Yanaco MT‐5 CHN analyzer
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Relationship between river water quality and land use in a small river basin running through the urbanizing area of Central Japan
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Nitrogen metabolism of the filter‐feeding bivalve Corbicula japonica and its significance in primary production of a brackish lake in Japan
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δ15N of seagrass leaves for monitoring anthropogenic nutrient increases in coral reef ecosystems
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Geographical and seasonal variations in mesozooplankton abundance and biomass in relation to environmental parameters in Lake Shinji–Ohashi River–Lake Nakaumi brackish-water …
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Importance of epiphytic cyanobacteria as food sources for heterotrophs in a tropical seagrass bed
M Yamamuro
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Seasonal and vertical variations of sinking particle fluxes in the West Caroline Basin
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Marine Ecology Progress Series 174, 101-106, 1998
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