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Long‐term forest fire ecology and dynamics in southern Switzerland
W Tinner, P Hubschmid, M Wehrli, B Ammann, M Conedera
Journal of Ecology 87 (2), 273-289, 1999
Reconstructing past fire regimes: methods, applications, and relevance to fire management and conservation
M Conedera, W Tinner, C Neff, M Meurer, AF Dickens, P Krebs
Quaternary Science Reviews 28 (5-6), 555-576, 2009
The cultivation of Castanea sativa (Mill.) in Europe, from its origin to its diffusion on a continental scale
M Conedera, P Krebs, W Tinner, M Pradella, D Torriani
Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 13 (3), 161-179, 2004
Pollen and charcoal in lake sediments compared with historically documented forest fires in southern Switzerland since AD 1920
W Tinner, M Conedera, B Ammann, HW Gaggeler, S Gedye, R Jones, ...
The Holocene 8 (1), 31-42, 1998
Fire ecology north and south of the Alps since the last ice age
W Tinner, M Conedera, B Ammann, AF Lotter
The Holocene 15 (8), 1214-1226, 2005
Climatic change and contemporaneous land-use phases north and south of the Alps 2300 BC to 800 AD
W Tinner, AF Lotter, B Ammann, M Conedera, P Hubschmid, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 22 (14), 1447-1460, 2003
European atlas of forest tree species
J San-Miguel-Ayanz, D De Rigo, G Caudullo, TH Durrant, A Mauri
Publications Office of the European Union, 2016
Quaternary refugia of the sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.): an extended palynological approach
P Krebs, M Conedera, M Pradella, D Torriani, M Felber, W Tinner
Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 13 (3), 145-160, 2004
Forest fires in Europe
J San-Miguel-Ayanz, T Durrant, R Boca, G Libertà, A Branco, D de Rigo, ...
Middle East and North Africa 2018, 2017
Correcting non-linearity and slope effects in the estimation of the leaf area index of forests from hemispherical photographs
P Schleppi, M Conedera, I Sedivy, A Thimonier
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 144 (3-4), 236-242, 2007
The past ecology of Abies alba provides new perspectives on future responses of silver fir forests to global warming
W Tinner, D Colombaroli, O Heiri, PD Henne, M Steinacher, J Untenecker, ...
Ecological Monographs 83 (4), 419-439, 2013
Distribution and economic potential of the Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) in Europe
M Conedera, MC Manetti, F Giudici, E Amorini
Ecologia mediterranea 30 (2), 179-193, 2004
A palaeoecological attempt to classify fire sensitivity of trees in the southern Alps
W Tinner, M Conedera, E Gobet, P Hubschmid, M Wehrli, B Ammann
The Holocene 10 (5), 565-574, 2000
Long-distance transport of macroscopic charcoal by an intensive crown fire in the Swiss Alps-implications for fire history reconstruction
W Tinner, S Hofstetter, F Zeugin, M Conedera, T Wohlgemuth, ...
The Holocene 16 (2), 287-292, 2006
Soil respiration and soil microbial biomass after fire in a sweet chestnut forest in southern Switzerland
C Wüthrich, D Schaub, M Weber, P Marxer, M Conedera
Catena 48 (3), 201-215, 2002
Fire regime: history and definition of a key concept in disturbance ecology
P Krebs, GB Pezzatti, S Mazzoleni, LM Talbot, M Conedera
Theory in Biosciences 129 (1), 53-69, 2010
Fire regime changes and major driving forces in Spain from 1968 to 2010
MV Moreno, M Conedera, E Chuvieco, GB Pezzatti
Environmental Science & Policy 37, 11-22, 2014
Linking forest fire regimes and climate—a historical analysis in a dry inner alpine valley
T Zumbrunnen, H Bugmann, M Conedera, M Bürgi
Ecosystems 12 (1), 73-86, 2009
The effects of wildfire on ground‐active spiders in deciduous forests on the Swiss southern slope of the Alps
M Moretti, M Conedera, P Duelli, PJ Edwards
Journal of applied ecology 39 (2), 321-336, 2002
Consequences of forest fires on the hydrogeological response of mountain catchments: a case study of the Riale Buffaga, Ticino, Switzerland
M Conedera, L Peter, P Marxer, F Forster, D Rickenmann, L Re
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: The Journal of the British …, 2003
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