Dali Shao
Dali Shao
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High-rate lithiation-induced reactivation of mesoporous hollow spheres for long-lived lithium-ion batteries
H Sun, G Xin, T Hu, M Yu, D Shao, X Sun, J Lian
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-8, 2014
Highly thermally conductive and mechanically strong graphene fibers
G Xin, T Yao, H Sun, SM Scott, D Shao, G Wang, J Lian
Science 349 (6252), 1083-1087, 2015
High responsivity, fast ultraviolet photodetector fabricated from ZnO nanoparticle–graphene core–shell structures
D Shao, M Yu, H Sun, T Hu, S Sawyer
Nanoscale 5 (9), 3664-3667, 2013
Rapid synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene for a lithium ion battery anode with excellent rate performance and super-long cyclic stability
T Hu, X Sun, H Sun, G Xin, D Shao, C Liu, J Lian
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (3), 1060-1066, 2014
Intersublevel infrared photodetector with strain-free GaAs quantum dot pairs grown by high-temperature droplet epitaxy
J Wu, D Shao, VG Dorogan, AZ Li, S Li, EA DeCuir Jr, MO Manasreh, ...
Nano letters 10 (4), 1512-1516, 2010
Organic–inorganic heterointerfaces for ultrasensitive detection of ultraviolet light
D Shao, J Gao, P Chow, H Sun, G Xin, P Sharma, J Lian, NA Koratkar, ...
Nano letters 15 (6), 3787-3792, 2015
Advanced phase change composite by thermally annealed defect-free graphene for thermal energy storage
G Xin, H Sun, SM Scott, T Yao, F Lu, D Shao, T Hu, G Wang, G Ran, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (17), 15262-15271, 2014
Multicolor photodetector based on GaAs quantum rings grown by droplet epitaxy
J Wu, Z Li, D Shao, MO Manasreh, VP Kunets, ZM Wang, GJ Salamo, ...
Applied Physics Letters 94 (17), 171102, 2009
ZnO/graphene nanocomposite fabricated by high energy ball milling with greatly enhanced lithium storage capability
M Yu, D Shao, F Lu, X Sun, H Sun, T Hu, G Wang, S Sawyer, H Qiu, J Lian
Electrochemistry communications 34, 312-315, 2013
Intermediate-band material based on GaAs quantum rings for solar cells
J Wu, D Shao, Z Li, MO Manasreh, VP Kunets, ZM Wang, GJ Salamo
Applied Physics Letters 95 (7), 071908, 2009
An ultraviolet photodetector fabricated from WO3 nanodiscs/reduced graphene oxide composite material
D Shao, M Yu, J Lian, S Sawyer
Nanotechnology 24 (29), 295701, 2013
Cl‐Doped ZnO Nanowire Arrays on 3D Graphene Foam with Highly Efficient Field Emission and Photocatalytic Properties
D Shao, J Gao, G Xin, Y Wang, L Li, J Shi, J Lian, N Koratkar, S Sawyer
Small 11 (36), 4785-4792, 2015
Enhanced Ultraviolet Emission from Poly(vinyl alcohol) ZnO Nanoparticles Using a SiO2–Au Core/Shell Structure
D Shao, H Sun, M Yu, J Lian, S Sawyer
Nano letters 12 (11), 5840-5844, 2012
High-performance ultraviolet photodetector based on organic–inorganic hybrid structure
D Shao, M Yu, H Sun, G Xin, J Lian, S Sawyer
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (16), 14690-14694, 2014
High quality ZnO–TiO2 core–shell nanowires for efficient ultraviolet sensing
D Shao, H Sun, G Xin, J Lian, S Sawyer
Applied surface science 314, 872-876, 2014
Heterojunction photodiode fabricated from hydrogen treated ZnO nanowires grown on p-silicon substrate
D Shao, M Yu, J Lian, S Sawyer
Applied physics letters 101 (21), 211103, 2012
Flexible, thorn-like ZnO-multiwalled carbon nanotube hybrid paper for efficient ultraviolet sensing and photocatalyst applications
D Shao, H Sun, J Gao, G Xin, MA Aguilar, T Yao, N Koratkar, J Lian, ...
Nanoscale 6 (22), 13630-13636, 2014
High Responsivity, Bandpass Near-UV Photodetector Fabricated From PVA- Nanoparticles on a GaN Substrate
D Shao, L Qin, S Sawyer
IEEE Photonics Journal 4 (3), 715-720, 2012
Heterojunction photodiode fabricated from multiwalled carbon nanotube/ZnO nanowire/p-silicon composite structure
D Shao, M Yu, J Lian, S Sawyer
Applied Physics Letters 102 (2), 021107, 2013
Optoelectronic properties of three dimensional WO3 nanoshale and its application for UV sensing
D Shao, M Yu, J Lian, S Sawyer
Optical Materials 36 (5), 1002-1005, 2014
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