Martin E. McBriarty, Ph.D.
Martin E. McBriarty, Ph.D.
Sr. Scientist, EMD Electronics
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Reactivity of ultra-thin ZnO films supported by Ag (111) and Cu (111): a comparison to ZnO/Pt (111)
Q Pan, BH Liu, ME McBriarty, Y Martynova, IMN Groot, S Wang, ...
Catalysis letters 144 (4), 648-655, 2014
CO oxidation over ZnO films on Pt (1 1 1) at near-atmospheric pressures
Y Martynova, BH Liu, ME McBriarty, IMN Groot, MJ Bedzyk, ...
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Structural consequences of hydrogen intercalation of epitaxial graphene on SiC (0001)
JD Emery, VD Wheeler, JE Johns, ME McBriarty, B Detlefs, MC Hersam, ...
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Dynamic stabilization of metal oxide–water interfaces
ME McBriarty, GF von Rudorff, JE Stubbs, PJ Eng, J Blumberger, ...
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Structural transformations of zinc oxide layers on Pt (111)
BH Liu, ME McBriarty, MJ Bedzyk, S Shaikhutdinov, HJ Freund
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Trace uranium partitioning in a multiphase nano-FeOOH system
ME McBriarty, JA Soltis, S Kerisit, O Qafoku, ME Bowden, EJ Bylaska, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (9), 4970-4977, 2017
Ab initio molecular dynamics of uranium incorporated in goethite (α-FeOOH): Interpretation of X-ray absorption spectroscopy of trace polyvalent metals
S Kerisit, EJ Bylaska, MS Massey, ME McBriarty, ES Ilton
Inorganic chemistry 55 (22), 11736-11746, 2016
Self-organizing layers from complex molecular anions
J Warneke, ME McBriarty, SL Riechers, S China, MH Engelhard, E Aprà, ...
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Iron vacancies accommodate uranyl incorporation into hematite
ME McBriarty, S Kerisit, EJ Bylaska, S Shaw, K Morris, ES Ilton
Environmental science & technology 52 (11), 6282-6290, 2018
Built‐In Potential in Fe2O3‐Cr2O3 Superlattices for Improved Photoexcited Carrier Separation
TC Kaspar, DK Schreiber, SR Spurgeon, ME McBriarty, GM Carroll, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (8), 1616-1622, 2016
Electronic and Optical Properties of a Semiconducting Spinel (Fe2CrO4)
SA Chambers, TC Droubay, TC Kaspar, IH Nayyar, ME McBriarty, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (9), 1605040, 2017
An all-perovskite p-n junction based on transparent conducting p-La1−xSrxCrO3 epitaxial layers
Y Du, C Li, KHL Zhang, ME McBriarty, SR Spurgeon, HS Mehta, D Wu, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (6), 063501, 2017
Redox-driven atomic-scale changes in mixed catalysts: VOx/WOx/α-TiO2 (110)
Z Feng, ME McBriarty, AU Mane, J Lu, PC Stair, JW Elam, MJ Bedzyk
RSC Advances 4 (110), 64608-64616, 2014
Crystal Phase Distribution and Ferroelectricity in Ultrathin HfO2–ZrO2 Bilayers
ME McBriarty, VK Narasimhan, SL Weeks, A Pal, H Fang, TA Petach, ...
physica status solidi (b), 2019
Potential‐Specific Structure at the Hematite–Electrolyte Interface
ME McBriarty, JE Stubbs, PJ Eng, KM Rosso
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (8), 1705618, 2018
Epitaxial Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 with Metallic Pyrochlore Oxide Electrodes
Z Zhang, SL Hsu, VA Stoica, H Paik, E Parsonnet, A Qualls, J Wang, L Xie, ...
Advanced Materials 33 (10), 2006089, 2021
Structure and properties of a model oxide-supported catalyst under redox conditions: WOx/α-Fe2O3 (0001)
ME McBriarty, MJ Bedzyk, DE Ellis
Surface Science 606 (17), 1367-1381, 2012
Atomic-Scale View of VOX–WOX Coreduction on the α-Al2O3 (0001) Surface
ME McBriarty, GP Campbell, TL Drake, JW Elam, PC Stair, DE Ellis, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (28), 16179-16187, 2015
Superconductivity and disorder in PrOs4Sb12
ME McBriarty, P Kumar, GR Stewart, B Andraka
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21 (38), 385701, 2009
Can mineral growth by oriented attachment lead to incorporation of uranium (vi) into the structure of goethite?
JA Soltis, ME McBriarty, O Qafoku, SN Kerisit, E Nakouzi, JJ De Yoreo, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 6 (10), 3000-3009, 2019
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