Ksenia Komarova (Vladimirova)
Ksenia Komarova (Vladimirova)
The Fritz-Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Theoretical study of structure and electronic absorption spectra of some Schiff bases and their zinc complexes
KG Vladimirova, AY Freidzon, OV Kotova, AA Vaschenko, LS Lepnev, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (23), 11123-11130, 2009
Coherent electronic and nuclear dynamics in a rhodamine heterodimer–DNA supramolecular complex
M Cipolloni, B Fresch, I Occhiuto, P Rukin, KG Komarova, A Cecconello, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (34), 23043-23051, 2017
Theoretical study of complexation of alkali metal ions in the cavity of arylazacrown ethers
AY Freidzon, KG Vladimirova, AA Bagatur’yants, SP Gromov, MV Alfimov
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 809 (1-3), 61-71, 2007
Modeling the structure, absorption spectra, and cis-trans isomerization of thiacarbocyanine dyes
KG Vladimirova, AY Freidzon, AA Bagatur—yants, GV Zakharova, ...
High Energy Chemistry 42 (4), 275-282, 2008
Luminescent properties of chalcone and its aminoderivatives
KG Komarova, SN Sakipov, VG Plotnikov, MV Alfimov
Journal of Luminescence 164, 57-63, 2015
Time-dependent view of an isotope effect in electron-nuclear nonequilibrium dynamics with applications to N2
JS Ajay, KG Komarova, F Remacle, RD Levine
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (23), 5890-5895, 2018
Multiscale computer design of photonic crystal based materials for optical chemosensors
MV Alfimov, AA Bagatur’yants, AA Safonov, AV Scherbinin, ...
Nanotechnologies in Russia 5 (3), 250-258, 2010
Quantum device emulates the dynamics of two coupled oscillators
K Komarova, H Gattuso, RD Levine, F Remacle
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11 (17), 6990-6995, 2020
Charge-transfer mobility parameters in photoelectronic devices: The advanced miller–abrahams computation
MV Basilevsky, AV Odinokov, KG Komarova
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (24), 7430-7438, 2015
Time resolved mechanism of the isotope selectivity in the ultrafast light induced dissociation in N2
KG Komarova, F Remacle, RD Levine
The Journal of chemical physics 151 (11), 114308, 2019
Attophotochemistry: Coherent Electronic Dynamics and Nuclear Motion
JS Ajay, KG Komarova, S Van Den Wildenberg, F Remacle, RD Levine
Attosecond molecular dynamics 13, 308, 2018
On the fly quantum dynamics of electronic and nuclear wave packets
KG Komarova, F Remacle, RD Levine
Chemical Physics Letters 699, 155-161, 2018
Correlated electron–nuclear motion during non-adiabatic transitions in LiH and its isotopomers
KG Komarova, S van den Wildenberg, F Remacle, RD Levine
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 53 (13), 134001, 2020
Zero-point energy and tunnelling: general discussion
SC Althorpe, AM Alvertis, W Barford, RL Benson, I Burghardt, S Giannini, ...
Faraday discussions 221, 478-500, 2019
Emerging opportunities and future directions: general discussion
SC Althorpe, W Barford, J Blumberger, C Bungey, I Burghardt, A Datta, ...
Faraday discussions 221, 564-581, 2019
Quantum coherence in complex environments: general discussion
AM Alvertis, W Barford, SB Worster, I Burghardt, A Datta, A Dijkstra, T Fay, ...
Faraday discussions 221, 168-201, 2019
Propagation of nonstationary electronic and nuclear states: attosecond dynamics in LiF
KG Komarova, F Remacle, RD Levine
Molecular Physics 116 (19-20), 2524-2532, 2018
Spectroscopic signatures of quantum effects: general discussion
AM Alvertis, W Barford, SB Worster, I Burghardt, A Chin, A Datta, ...
Faraday discussions 221, 322-349, 2019
The density matrix via few dominant observables: the quantum interference in the isotope effect for atto-pumped N2
K Komarova, F Remacle, RD Levine
Parallel Quantum Computation of Vibrational Dynamics
K Komarova, H Gattuso, RD Levine, F Remacle
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