Dmytro Kamenskyi
Dmytro Kamenskyi
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Direct Determination of Exchange Parameters in and : High-Field Electron-Spin-Resonance Studies
SA Zvyagin, D Kamenskyi, M Ozerov, J Wosnitza, M Ikeda, T Fujita, ...
Physical review letters 112 (7), 077206, 2014
Terahertz-range free-electron laser electron spin resonance spectroscopy: techniques and applications in high magnetic fields
SA Zvyagin, M Ozerov, E Čižmár, D Kamenskyi, S Zherlitsyn, ...
Review of scientific instruments 80 (7), 073102, 2009
Experimental observation of Bethe strings
Z Wang, J Wu, W Yang, AK Bera, D Kamenskyi, ATMN Islam, S Xu, ...
Nature 554 (7691), 219-223, 2018
Observation of an intersublattice exchange magnon in CoCrO and analysis of magnetic ordering
D Kamenskyi, H Engelkamp, T Fischer, M Uhlarz, J Wosnitza, ...
Physical Review B 87 (13), 134423, 2013
From confined spinons to emergent fermions: Observation of elementary magnetic excitations in a transverse-field Ising chain
Z Wang, J Wu, S Xu, W Yang, C Wu, AK Bera, ATMN Islam, B Lake, ...
Physical Review B 94 (12), 125130, 2016
A THz spectrometer combining the free electron laser FLARE with 33 T magnetic fields
M Ozerov, B Bernáth, D Kamenskyi, B Redlich, AFG van der Meer, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (9), 094106, 2017
High-field electron spin resonance spectroscopy of singlet-triplet transitions in the spin-dimer systems and
Z Wang, D Kamenskyi, O Cepas, M Schmidt, DL Quintero-Castro, A Islam, ...
Physical Review B 89 (17), 174406, 2014
Bifurcations of coupled electron-phonon modes in an antiferromagnet subjected to a magnetic field
KN Boldyrev, TN Stanislavchuk, AA Sirenko, D Kamenskyi, ...
Physical Review Letters 118 (16), 167203, 2017
High-field ESR Studies of the Quantum Spin Dimer System Ba3Cr2O8
D Kamenskyi, J Wosnitza, J Krzystek, AA Aczel, HA Dabkowska, ...
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 170 (5-6), 231-235, 2013
High-field quantum disordered state in : Spin flips, bound states, and multiparticle continuum
A Sahasrabudhe, DAS Kaib, S Reschke, R German, TC Koethe, J Buhot, ...
Physical Review B 101 (14), 140410, 2020
Magnetic excitations in the spin-1/2 triangular-lattice antiferromagnet Cs2CuBr4
SA Zvyagin, M Ozerov, D Kamenskyi, J Wosnitza, J Krzystek, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (11), 113059, 2015
Directional dichroism in the paramagnetic state of multiferroics: A case study of infrared light absorption in at high temperatures
J Viirok, U Nagel, T Rõõm, DG Farkas, P Balla, D Szaller, V Kocsis, ...
Physical Review B 99 (1), 014410, 2019
Terahertz lattice dynamics of the potassium rare-earth binary molybdates
S Poperezhai, P Gogoi, N Zubenko, K Kutko, VI Kutko, AS Kovalev, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29 (9), 095402, 2017
Spin excitations of magnetoelectric in multiple magnetic phases
L Peedu, V Kocsis, D Szaller, J Viirok, U Nagel, T Rõõm, DG Farkas, ...
Physical Review B 100 (2), 024406, 2019
Evidence of linear Zeeman effect for infrared intracenter transitions in boron doped diamond in high magnetic fields
SA Tarelkin, VS Bormashov, SG Pavlov, DL Kamenskyi, MS Kuznetsov, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 75, 52-57, 2017
Interaction of electronic excitations of Tm ions with acoustic vibrations in KTm(MoO)
D Kamenskyi, S Poperezhai, P Gogoi, H Engelkamp, JC Maan, ...
Physical Review B 89 (1), 014410, 2014
Magnetoquantum oscillations at THz frequencies in InSb
P Gogoi, D Kamenskyi, DD Arslanov, RT Jongma, WJ van der Zande, ...
Physical Review Letters 119 (14), 146603, 2017
Deconfining spinon excitations of an XXZ quantum antiferromagnet in a transverse magnetic field
Z Wang, J Wu, S Xu, W Yang, C Wu, AK Bera, A Islam, B Lake, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.01753, 2015
Peculiarities of crystal structures and magnetic properties of Cu (II) and Ni (II) mixed-ligand complexes on the 1, 3-dithiole-2-thione-4, 5-dithiolate basis
VA Starodub, SV Vitushkina, D Kamenskyi, AG Anders, VO Cheranovskii, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 73 (2), 350-356, 2012
Observation of spontaneous ferriquadrupolar order in
AA Zvyagin, K Kutko, D Kamenskyi, AV Peschanskii, S Poperezhai, ...
Physical Review B 98 (6), 064406, 2018
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