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NG Pozdnyakova
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Neuromodulatory properties of fluorescent carbon dots: effect on exocytotic release, uptake and ambient level of glutamate and GABA in brain nerve terminals
T Borisova, A Nazarova, M Dekaliuk, N Krisanova, N Pozdnyakova, ...
The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology 59, 203-215, 2015
Monitoring of the velocity of high-affinity glutamate uptake by isolated brain nerve terminals using amperometric glutamate biosensor
O Soldatkin, A Nazarova, N Krisanova, A Borуsov, D Kucherenko, ...
Talanta 135, 67-74, 2015
Modulation of functional activities of the neurotoxin from black widow spider venom
EV Grishin, NH Himmelreich, KA Pluzhnikov, NG Pozdnyakova, ...
FEBS letters 336 (2), 205-207, 1993
Perinatal hypoxia: different effects of the inhibitors of GABA transporters GAT1 and GAT3 on the initial velocity of [3H] GABA uptake by cortical, hippocampal, and thalamic …
N Pozdnyakova, M Dudarenko, L Yatsenko, N Himmelreich, O Krupko, ...
Croatian medical journal 55 (3), 250-258, 2014
A comparative study of neurotoxic potential of synthesized polysaccharidecoated and native ferritinbased magnetic nanoparticles
A Borysov, N Krisanova, O Chunihin, L Ostapchenko, N Pozdnyakova, ...
Croatian medical journal 55 (3), 195-205, 2014
Perinatal hypoxia induces a long-lasting increase in unstimulated gaba release in rat brain cortex and hippocampus. The protective effect of pyruvate
N Pozdnyakova, L Yatsenko, N Parkhomenko, N Himmelreich
Neurochemistry international 58 (1), 14-21, 2011
α-Latrotoxin-stimulated GABA release can occur in Ca2+-free, Na+-free medium
LG Storchak, VN Pashkov, NG Pozdnyakova, NH Himmelreich, ...
FEBS letters 351 (2), 267-270, 1994
Neuroactivity of detonation nanodiamonds: dose-dependent changes in transporter-mediated uptake and ambient level of excitatory/inhibitory neurotransmitters in brain nerve …
N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, M Dudarenko, M Galkin, A Borysov, ...
Journal of nanobiotechnology 14 (1), 1-12, 2016
Vitamin D3 deficiency in puberty rats causes presynaptic malfunctioning through alterations in exocytotic release and uptake of glutamate/GABA and expression of EAAC-1/GAT-3 …
N Krisanova, N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, M Dudarenko, ...
Food and Chemical Toxicology 123, 142-150, 2019
Differential effect of protein kinase inhibitors on calcium-dependent and calcium-independent [14C] GABA release from rat brain synaptosomes
LG Storchak, NG Pozdnyakova, NH Himmelreich
Neuroscience 85 (3), 989-997, 1998
Harmful impact on presynaptic glutamate and GABA transport by carbon dots synthesized from sulfur-containing carbohydrate precursor
T Borisova, M Dekaliuk, N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, M Dudarenko, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (21), 17688-17700, 2017
Synthesis of new fluorinated analogs of GABA, Pregabalin bioisosteres, and their effects on [3H] GABA uptake by rat brain nerve terminals
T Borisova, N Pozdnyakova, E Shaitanova, I Gerus, M Dudarenko, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 23 (15), 4316-4323, 2015
New effects of GABAB receptor allosteric modulator rac-BHFF on ambient GABA, uptake/release, Em and synaptic vesicle acidification in nerve terminals
N Pozdnyakova, M Dudarenko, T Borisova
Neuroscience 304, 60-70, 2015
The dynamics of changes in hippocampal GABAergic system in rats exposed to early-life hypoxia-induced seizures
L Yatsenko, N Pozdnyakova, M Dudarenko, N Himmelreich
Neuroscience letters 524 (2), 69-73, 2012
Essential variables for air quality estimation
A Shelestov, A Kolotii, T Borisova, O Turos, G Milinevsky, I Gomilko, ...
International Journal of Digital Earth, 2019
Consequences of perinatal hypoxia in developing brain: Changes in GABA transporter functioning in cortical, hippocampal and thalamic rat nerve terminals
N Pozdnyakova
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 63, 1-7, 2017
Comparative analysis of neurotoxic potential of synthesized, native, and physiological nanoparticles
A Borysov, N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, T Borisova
Use of Nanoparticles in Neuroscience, 203-227, 2018
Enrichment of inorganic Martian dust simulant with carbon component can provoke neurotoxicity
N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, M Dudarenko, A Borysov, N Krisanova, ...
Microgravity Science and Technology 29 (1-2), 133-144, 2017
Effects of surface functionalization of hydrophilic NaYF 4 nanocrystals doped with Eu 3+ on glutamate and GABA transport in brain synaptosomes
B Sojka, D Kociołek, M Banski, T Borisova, N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, ...
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 19 (8), 1-14, 2017
Plastic smoke aerosol: nano-sized particle distribution, absorption/fluorescent properties, dysregulation of oxidative processes and synaptic transmission in rat brain nerve …
A Borysov, A Tarasenko, N Krisanova, N Pozdnyakova, A Pastukhov, ...
Environmental Pollution 263, 114502, 2020
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