Monica Taljaard
Monica Taljaard
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
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Interventions to improve hand hygiene compliance in patient care
DJ Gould, D Moralejo, N Drey, JH Chudleigh, M Taljaard
Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2017
Non‐clinical interventions for reducing unnecessary caesarean section
I Chen, N Opiyo, E Tavender, S Mortazhejri, T Rader, J Petkovic, ...
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2018
Reporting of stepped wedge cluster randomised trials: extension of the CONSORT 2010 statement with explanation and elaboration
K Hemming, M Taljaard, JE McKenzie, R Hooper, A Copas, JA Thompson, ...
bmj 363, 2018
An introduction to multiplicity issues in clinical trials: the what, why, when and how
G Li, M Taljaard, ER Van den Heuvel, MAH Levine, DJ Cook, GA Wells, ...
International journal of epidemiology 46 (2), 746-755, 2017
Prognostic accuracy of the quick sequential organ failure assessment for mortality in patients with suspected infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis
SM Fernando, A Tran, M Taljaard, W Cheng, B Rochwerg, AJE Seely, ...
Annals of internal medicine 168 (4), 266-275, 2018
The Ottawa statement on the ethical design and conduct of cluster randomized trials
C Weijer, JM Grimshaw, MP Eccles, AD McRae, A White, JC Brehaut, ...
PLoS medicine 9 (11), e1001346, 2012
The use of segmented regression in analysing interrupted time series studies: an example in pre-hospital ambulance care
M Taljaard, JE McKenzie, CR Ramsay, JM Grimshaw
Implementation Science 9, 1-4, 2014
A cross-sectional, population-based study measuring comorbidity among people living with HIV in Ontario
CE Kendall, J Wong, M Taljaard, RH Glazier, W Hogg, J Younger, ...
BMC public health 14, 1-9, 2014
Incidence of potentially avoidable urgent readmissions and their relation to all-cause urgent readmissions
C van Walraven, A Jennings, M Taljaard, I Dhalla, S English, S Mulpuru, ...
Cmaj 183 (14), E1067-E1072, 2011
Impact of CONSORT extension for cluster randomised trials on quality of reporting and study methodology: review of random sample of 300 trials, 2000-8
NM Ivers, M Taljaard, S Dixon, C Bennett, A McRae, J Taleban, Z Skea, ...
Bmj 343, 2011
How to design efficient cluster randomised trials
K Hemming, S Eldridge, G Forbes, C Weijer, M Taljaard
bmj 358, 2017
Sample size calculations for stepped wedge and cluster randomised trials: a unified approach
K Hemming, M Taljaard
Journal of clinical epidemiology 69, 137-146, 2016
Comparative effectiveness of high-dose versus standard-dose influenza vaccination on numbers of US nursing home residents admitted to hospital: a cluster-randomised trial
S Gravenstein, HE Davidson, M Taljaard, J Ogarek, P Gozalo, L Han, ...
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine 5 (9), 738-746, 2017
Introduction of anti-TNF therapy has not yielded expected declines in hospitalisation and intestinal resection rates in inflammatory bowel diseases: a population-based …
SK Murthy, J Begum, EI Benchimol, CN Bernstein, GG Kaplan, ...
Gut 69 (2), 274-282, 2020
Frailty as a predictor of death or new disability after surgery: a prospective cohort study
DI McIsaac, M Taljaard, GL Bryson, PE Beaulé, S Gagné, G Hamilton, ...
Annals of surgery 271 (2), 283-289, 2020
Ethical issues posed by cluster randomized trials in health research
C Weijer, JM Grimshaw, M Taljaard, A Binik, R Boruch, JC Brehaut, ...
Trials 12, 1-11, 2011
Outcomes of urgent warfarin reversal with frozen plasma versus prothrombin complex concentrate in the emergency department
M Hickey, M Gatien, M Taljaard, A Aujnarain, A Giulivi, JJ Perry
Circulation 128 (4), 360-364, 2013
Measuring burden of unhealthy behaviours using a multivariable predictive approach: life expectancy lost in Canada attributable to smoking, alcohol, physical inactivity, and diet
DG Manuel, R Perez, C Sanmartin, M Taljaard, D Hennessy, K Wilson, ...
PLoS medicine 13 (8), e1002082, 2016
Analysis of cluster randomised stepped wedge trials with repeated cross-sectional samples
K Hemming, M Taljaard, A Forbes
Trials 18, 1-11, 2017
Diagnosis of elevated intracranial pressure in critically ill adults: systematic review and meta-analysis
SM Fernando, A Tran, W Cheng, B Rochwerg, M Taljaard, ...
bmj 366, 2019
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