Guillaume Ghisbain
Guillaume Ghisbain
PhD, conservation biologist
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Global effects of extreme temperatures on wild bumblebees
B Martinet, S Dellicour, G Ghisbain, K Przybyla, E Zambra, T Lecocq, ...
Conservation Biology 35 (5), 1507-1518, 2021
Substantial genetic divergence and lack of recent gene flow support cryptic speciation in a colour polymorphic bumble bee (Bombus bifarius) species complex
G Ghisbain, JD Lozier, SR Rahman, BD Ezray, L Tian, JM Ulmer, ...
Systematic Entomology 45 (3), 635-652, 2020
Morphometric analysis of fossil bumble bees (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombini) reveals their taxonomic affinities
M Dehon, MS Engel, M Gérard, AM Aytekin, G Ghisbain, PH Williams, ...
ZooKeys 891, 71, 2019
Wildlife conservation strategies should incorporate both taxon identity and geographical context‐further evidence with bumblebees
G Ghisbain, D Michez, L Marshall, P Rasmont, S Dellicour
Diversity and Distributions 26 (12), 1741-1751, 2020
Revisions to the faunas of Andrena of the Iberian Peninsula and Morocco with the descriptions of four new species (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae)
TJ Wood, G Ghisbain, D Michez, CJ Praz
European Journal of Taxonomy 758, 147-193, 2021
Expanding insect pollinators in the Anthropocene
G Ghisbain, M Gérard, TJ Wood, HM Hines, D Michez
Biological Reviews, 2021
Global patterns in bumble bee pollen collection show phylogenetic conservation of diet
TJ Wood, G Ghisbain, P Rasmont, D Kleijn, I Raemakers, C Praz, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 90 (10), 2421-2430, 2021
Bumble bee parasite prevalence but not genetic diversity impacted by the invasive plant Impatiens glandulifera
M Vanderplanck, N Roger, R Moerman, G Ghisbain, M Gérard, ...
Ecosphere 10 (7), e02804, 2019
Bumblebees of Europe and neighbouring regions
P Rasmont, G Ghisbain, M Terzo
New data on the morphology and distribution of the cryptic species Dasypoda morawitzi Radchenko, 2016 (Hymenoptera: Melittidae) with corrections to the diagnosis of Dasypoda s …
VG Radchenko, B Tomozii, G Ghisbain, D Michez
Annales de la Société entomologique de France (NS) 56 (6), 455-470, 2020
Redescription of three rare species of Dasypoda bees with first description of D. iberica and D. tibialis females (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Melittidae)
VG Radchenko, G Ghisbain, D Michez
Zootaxa 4700 (3), 326-344, 2019
A worthy conservation target? Revising the status of the rarest bumblebee of Europe
G Ghisbain, B Martinet, TJ Wood, K Przybyla, D Cejas, M Gérard, ...
Insect Conservation and Diversity 14 (5), 661-674, 2021
The bees of Lebanon (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila)
M Boustani, P Rasmont, HH Dathe, G Ghisbain, M Kasparek, D Michez, ...
Zootaxa 4976 (1), 1–146-1–146, 2021
Diversification Pattern of the Widespread Holarctic Cuckoo Bumble Bee, Bombus flavidus (Hymenoptera: Apidae): The East Side Story
P Lhomme, SD Williams, G Ghisbain, B Martinet, M Gérard, HM Hines
Insect Systematics and Diversity 5 (2), 5, 2021
Dasypoda morawitzi Radchenko 2016 (Apoidea-Melittidae-Dasypodaini), une espèce nouvelle pour la faune de France
G Ghisbain, V Radchenko, D Michez
Monitoring bee health in European agro-ecosystems using wing morphology and fat bodies
M Vanderplanck, D Michez, M Albrecht, E Attridge, A Babin, I Bottero, ...
One Ecosystem 6, e63653, 2021
Are bumblebees relevant models for understanding wild bee decline?
G Ghisbain
Frontiers in Conservation Science 2, 752213, 2021
Resolving the species status of overlooked West‐Palaearctic bumblebees
N Brasero, G Ghisbain, T Lecocq, D Michez, I Valterová, P Biella, ...
Zoologica Scripta 50 (5), 616-632, 2021
A comparative analysis of crop pollinator survey methods along a large-scale climatic gradient
N Leclercq, L Marshall, T Weekers, A Anselmo, D Benda, D Bevk, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 329, 107871, 2022
Contribution to the knowledge of the bumblebee fauna of Afghanistan (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Bombus Latreille)
G Ghisbain, PH Williams, D Michez, MG Branstetter, P Rasmont
ZooKeys 973, 69, 2020
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