Paul A. Wiggins
Paul A. Wiggins
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Normal and neoplastic nonstem cells can spontaneously convert to a stem-like state
CL Chaffer, I Brueckmann, C Scheel, AJ Kaestli, PA Wiggins, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (19), 7950-7955, 2011
Emerging roles for lipids in shaping membrane-protein function
R Phillips, T Ursell, P Wiggins, P Sens
Nature 459 (7245), 379-385, 2009
Diverse type VI secretion phospholipases are functionally plastic antibacterial effectors
AB Russell, M LeRoux, K Hathazi, DM Agnello, T Ishikawa, PA Wiggins, ...
Nature 496 (7446), 508-512, 2013
High flexibility of DNA on short length scales probed by atomic force microscopy
PA Wiggins, T Van Der Heijden, F Moreno-Herrero, A Spakowitz, ...
Nature nanotechnology 1 (2), 137-141, 2006
RNA mango aptamer-fluorophore: a bright, high-affinity complex for RNA labeling and tracking
EV Dolgosheina, SCY Jeng, SSS Panchapakesan, R Cojocaru, ...
ACS chemical biology 9 (10), 2412-2420, 2014
Exact theory of kinkable elastic polymers
PA Wiggins, R Phillips, PC Nelson
Physical Review E 71 (2), 021909, 2005
Membrane-protein interactions in mechanosensitive channels
P Wiggins, R Phillips
Biophysical journal 88 (2), 880-902, 2005
Biological consequences of tightly bent DNA: the other life of a macromolecular celebrity
HG Garcia, P Grayson, L Han, M Inamdar, J Kondev, PC Nelson, ...
Biopolymers: Original Research on Biomolecules 85 (2), 115-130, 2007
Strong intranucleoid interactions organize the Escherichia coli chromosome into a nucleoid filament
PA Wiggins, KC Cheveralls, JS Martin, R Lintner, J Kondev
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (11), 4991-4995, 2010
Analytic models for mechanotransduction: gating a mechanosensitive channel
P Wiggins, R Phillips
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (12), 4071-4076, 2004
Generalized theory of semiflexible polymers
PA Wiggins, PC Nelson
Physical Review E 73 (3), 031906, 2006
Surface sensing and lateral subcellular localization of WspA, the receptor in a chemosensory‐like system leading to c‐di‐GMP production
JR O'Connor, NJ Kuwada, V Huangyutitham, PA Wiggins, CS Harwood
Molecular microbiology 86 (3), 720-729, 2012
Measuring the elastic modulus of small tissue samples
RQ Erkamp, P Wiggins, AR Skovoroda, SY Emelianov, M O'donnell
Ultrasonic Imaging 20 (1), 17-28, 1998
Cytoplasmic RNA-protein particles exhibit non-Gaussian subdiffusive behavior
TJ Lampo, S Stylianidou, MP Backlund, PA Wiggins, AJ Spakowitz
Biophysical journal 112 (3), 532-542, 2017
SuperSegger: robust image segmentation, analysis and lineage tracking of bacterial cells
S Stylianidou, C Brennan, SB Nissen, NJ Kuwada, PA Wiggins
Molecular microbiology 102 (4), 690-700, 2016
Kin cell lysis is a danger signal that activates antibacterial pathways of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
M LeRoux, RL Kirkpatrick, EI Montauti, BQ Tran, SB Peterson, BN Harding, ...
Elife 4, e05701, 2015
c-di-GMP heterogeneity is generated by the chemotaxis machinery to regulate flagellar motility
BR Kulasekara, C Kamischke, HD Kulasekara, M Christen, PA Wiggins, ...
Elife 2, e01402, 2013
Quantitative single-cell characterization of bacterial interactions reveals type VI secretion is a double-edged sword
M LeRoux, JA De Leon, NJ Kuwada, AB Russell, D Pinto-Santini, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (48), 19804-19809, 2012
Estimating podocyte number and density using a single histologic section
M Venkatareddy, S Wang, Y Yang, S Patel, L Wickman, R Nishizono, ...
Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 25 (5), 1118-1129, 2014
A model for Escherichia coli chromosome packaging supports transcription factor-induced DNA domain formation
M Fritsche, S Li, DW Heermann, PA Wiggins
Nucleic acids research 40 (3), 972-980, 2012
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