Francesco Santoro
Francesco Santoro
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Photovoltaic and hydrogen plant integrated with a gas heat pump for greenhouse heating: A mathematical study
AS Anifantis, A Colantoni, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Sustainability 10 (2), 378, 2018
Mathematical model of the plane-parallel movement of the self-propelled root-harvesting machine
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro, AS Anifantis
Sustainability 10 (10), 3614, 2018
Improvements in citrus packing lines to reduce the mechanical damage to fruit
G Manetto, E Cerruto, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Chemical Engineering Transactions 58, 391-396, 2017
Exposure of farm workers to electromagnetic radiation from cellular network radio base stations situated on rural agricultural land
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 21 (3), 351-358, 2015
Operator dermal exposure to pesticides in tomato and strawberry greenhouses from hand-held sprayers
E Cerruto, G Manetto, F Santoro, S Pascuzzi
Sustainability 10 (7), 2273, 2018
Comparison of UAV photogrammetry and 3D modeling techniques with other currently used methods for estimation of the tree row volume of a super-high-density olive orchard
AS Anifantis, S Camposeo, GA Vivaldi, F Santoro, S Pascuzzi
Agriculture 9 (11), 233, 2019
Study of a large square baler with innovative technological systems that optimize the baling effectiveness
AS Guerrieri, AS Anifantis, F Santoro, S Pascuzzi
Agriculture 9 (5), 86, 2019
Analysis of the almond harvesting and hulling mechanization process: A case study
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Agriculture 7 (12), 100, 2017
Analysis of possible noise reduction arrangements inside olive oil mills: A case study
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Agriculture 7 (10), 88, 2017
Evaluation of farmers’ OSH hazard in operation nearby mobile telephone radio base stations
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Proceedings of the 16th International Scientific Conference “Engineering for …, 2017
Techno-economic modeling of biomass pellet routes: Feasibility in Italy
A Pantaleo, M Villarini, A Colantoni, M Carlini, F Santoro, ...
Energies 13 (7), 1636, 2020
Lightning protection systems suitable for stables: A case study
F Santoro, AS Anifantis, G Ruggiero, V Zavadskiy, S Pascuzzi
Agriculture 9 (4), 72, 2019
Assessment of the energy and separation efficiency of the decanter centrifuge with regulation capability of oil water ring in the industrial process line using a continuous method
SF Bianchi B., Tamborrino A.
Journal of Agricultural Engineering 44, 278-282, 2013
Theoretical study on sieving of potato heap elements in spiral separator
JO V. Bulgakov, S. Pascuzzi, S. Nikolaenko, F. Santoro, A. Sotirios Anifantis
Agronomy Research 17 (1), 33-48, 2019
Oscillations analysis of front-mounted beet topper machine for biomass harvesting
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, F Santoro
Energies 12 (14), 2774, 2019
An experimental investigation of performance levels in a new root crown cleaner
JO V. Bulgakov, S. Pascuzzi, M. Arak, F. Santoro, A.Sotirios Anifantis, Y ...
Agronomy Research 17 (2), 358-370, 2019
Study of the correlation between foliar and patternator deposits in a “Tendone” vineyard
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro, G Manetto, E Cerruto
Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal 20 (3), 97-107, 2018
Effect of press construction on yield of pressing and selected quality characteristics of apple juice
Z Kobus, R Nadulski, AS Anifantis, F Santoro
Proceedings of the Engineering for Rural Development, Jelgava, Latvia, 23-25, 2018
Use of GIS to evaluate minor rural buildings distribution compared to the communication routes in a part of the Apulian territory (Southern Italy)
M Parlavecchia, S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, F Santoro, G Ruggiero
Sustainability 11 (17), 4700, 2019
Unmanned aerial vehicle used for remote sensing on an apulian farm in southern Italy
S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, V Cimino, F Santoro
Proceedings of the 17th International Scientific Conference Engineering for …, 2018
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