Francesco Santoro
Francesco Santoro
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Photovoltaic and hydrogen plant integrated with a gas heat pump for greenhouse heating: A mathematical study
AS Anifantis, A Colantoni, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Sustainability 10 (2), 378, 2018
Improvements in citrus packing lines to reduce the mechanical damage to fruit
G Manetto, E Cerruto, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Chemical Engineering Transactions 58, 391-396, 2017
Mathematical model of the plane-parallel movement of the self-propelled root-harvesting machine
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, F Santoro, AS Anifantis
Sustainability 10 (10), 3614, 2018
Exposure of farm workers to electromagnetic radiation from cellular network radio base stations situated on rural agricultural land
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 21 (3), 351-358, 2015
Comparison of UAV photogrammetry and 3D modeling techniques with other currently used methods for estimation of the tree row volume of a super-high-density olive orchard
AS Anifantis, S Camposeo, GA Vivaldi, F Santoro, S Pascuzzi
Agriculture 9 (11), 233, 2019
Operator dermal exposure to pesticides in tomato and strawberry greenhouses from hand-held sprayers
E Cerruto, G Manetto, F Santoro, S Pascuzzi
Sustainability 10 (7), 2273, 2018
Study of a large square baler with innovative technological systems that optimize the baling effectiveness
AS Guerrieri, AS Anifantis, F Santoro, S Pascuzzi
Agriculture 9 (5), 86, 2019
Analysis of the almond harvesting and hulling mechanization process: A case study
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Agriculture 7 (12), 100, 2017
Analysis of possible noise reduction arrangements inside olive oil mills: A case study
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Agriculture 7 (10), 88, 2017
Evaluation of farmers’ OSH hazard in operation nearby mobile telephone radio base stations
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro
Proceedings of the 16th International Scientific Conference “Engineering for …, 2017
Lightning protection systems suitable for stables: A case study
F Santoro, AS Anifantis, G Ruggiero, V Zavadskiy, S Pascuzzi
Agriculture 9 (4), 72, 2019
Assessment of the energy and separation efficiency of the decanter centrifuge with regulation capability of oil water ring in the industrial process line using a continuous method
SF Bianchi B., Tamborrino A.
Journal of Agricultural Engineering 44, 278-282, 2013
Techno-economic modeling of biomass pellet routes: Feasibility in Italy
A Pantaleo, M Villarini, A Colantoni, M Carlini, F Santoro, ...
Energies 13 (7), 1636, 2020
Theoretical study on sieving of potato heap elements in spiral separator
JO V. Bulgakov, S. Pascuzzi, S. Nikolaenko, F. Santoro, A. Sotirios Anifantis
Agronomy Research 17 (1), 33-48, 2019
Oscillations analysis of front-mounted beet topper machine for biomass harvesting
V Bulgakov, S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, F Santoro
Energies 12 (14), 2774, 2019
An experimental investigation of performance levels in a new root crown cleaner
JO V. Bulgakov, S. Pascuzzi, M. Arak, F. Santoro, A.Sotirios Anifantis, Y ...
Agronomy Research 17 (2), 358-370, 2019
Study of the correlation between foliar and patternator deposits in a “Tendone” vineyard
S Pascuzzi, F Santoro, G Manetto, E Cerruto
Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal 20 (3), 97-107, 2018
Effect of press construction on yield of pressing and selected quality characteristics of apple juice
Z Kobus, R Nadulski, AS Anifantis, F Santoro
Proceedings of the Engineering for Rural Development, Jelgava, Latvia, 23-25, 2018
Use of GIS to evaluate minor rural buildings distribution compared to the communication routes in a part of the Apulian territory (Southern Italy)
M Parlavecchia, S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, F Santoro, G Ruggiero
Sustainability 11 (17), 4700, 2019
Unmanned aerial vehicle used for remote sensing on an apulian farm in southern Italy
S Pascuzzi, AS Anifantis, V Cimino, F Santoro
Proceedings of the 17th International Scientific Conference Engineering for …, 2018
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