Edith C Glazer
Edith C Glazer
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Strained ruthenium complexes are potent light-activated anticancer agents
BS Howerton, DK Heidary, EC Glazer
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (20), 8324-8327, 2012
Light-activated ruthenium complexes photobind DNA and are cytotoxic in the photodynamic therapy window
E Wachter, DK Heidary, BS Howerton, S Parkin, EC Glazer
Chemical communications 48 (77), 9649-9651, 2012
Photorefractive Properties of Poly(N-vinyl carbazole)-Based Composites for High-Speed Applications
MA Diaz-Garcia, D Wright, JD Casperson, B Smith, E Glazer, WE Moerner, ...
Chemistry of materials 11 (7), 1784-1791, 1999
Modifying charge and hydrophilicity of simple Ru (II) polypyridyl complexes radically alters biological activities: old complexes, surprising new tricks
M Dickerson, Y Sun, B Howerton, EC Glazer
Inorganic Chemistry 53 (19), 10370-10377, 2014
Ruthenium complexes that break the rules: structural features controlling dual emission
EC Glazer, D Magde, Y Tor
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (27), 8544-8551, 2007
Dual Emission from a Family of Conjugated Dinuclear RuII Complexes
EC Glazer, D Magde, Y Tor
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (12), 4190-4192, 2005
Coordination of hydroxyquinolines to a ruthenium bis-dimethyl-phenanthroline scaffold radically improves potency for potential as antineoplastic agents
DK Heidary, BS Howerton, EC Glazer
Journal of medicinal chemistry 57 (21), 8936-8946, 2014
Photoactive Ru (II) complexes with dioxinophenanthroline ligands are potent cytotoxic agents
AN Hidayatullah, E Wachter, DK Heidary, S Parkin, EC Glazer
Inorganic chemistry 53 (19), 10030-10032, 2014
Superior photodynamic effect of carbon quantum dots through both type I and type II pathways: Detailed comparison study of top-down-synthesized and bottom-up-synthesized carbon …
TJ Pillar-Little, N Wanninayake, L Nease, DK Heidary, EC Glazer, DY Kim
Carbon 140, 616-623, 2018
A new type of DNA “light-switch”: A dual photochemical sensor and metalating agent for duplex and G-quadruplex DNA
E Wachter, BS Howerton, EC Hall, S Parkin, EC Glazer
Chemical Communications 50 (3), 311-313, 2014
Ruthenium-containing P450 inhibitors for dual enzyme inhibition and DNA damage
A Zamora, CA Denning, DK Heidary, E Wachter, LA Nease, J Ruiz, ...
Dalton Transactions 46 (7), 2165-2173, 2017
Light‐activated metal complexes that covalently modify DNA
EC Glazer
Israel Journal of Chemistry 53 (6‐7), 391-400, 2013
Three clusters of conformational states in p450cam reveal a multistep pathway for closing of the substrate access channel
YT Lee, EC Glazer, RF Wilson, CD Stout, DB Goodin
Biochemistry 50 (5), 693-703, 2011
Eilatin Ru(II) Complexes Display Anti‐HIV Activity and Enantiomeric Diversity in the Binding of RNA
NW Luedtke, JS Hwang, EC Glazer, D Gut, M Kol, Y Tor
ChemBioChem 3 (8), 766-771, 2002
Ruthenium Complex “Light Switches” that are Selective for Different G‐Quadruplex Structures
E Wachter, D Moyá, S Parkin, EC Glazer
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (2), 550-559, 2016
Light-sensitive ruthenium complex-loaded cross-linked polymeric nanoassemblies for the treatment of cancer
M Dickerson, B Howerton, Y Bae, EC Glazer
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 4 (3), 394-408, 2016
Toward optimal Ru (II) photocages: balancing photochemistry, stability, and biocompatibility through fine tuning of steric, electronic, and physiochemical features
D Havrylyuk, K Stevens, S Parkin, EC Glazer
Inorganic chemistry 59 (2), 1006-1013, 2020
Photochemical and photobiological activity of Ru (II) homoleptic and heteroleptic complexes containing methylated bipyridyl-type ligands
L Kohler, L Nease, P Vo, J Garofolo, DK Heidary, RP Thummel, EC Glazer
Inorganic chemistry 56 (20), 12214-12223, 2017
Photochemical Properties and Structure–Activity Relationships of RuII Complexes with Pyridylbenzazole Ligands as Promising Anticancer Agents
D Havrylyuk, DK Heidary, L Nease, S Parkin, EC Glazer
European journal of inorganic chemistry 2017 (12), 1687-1694, 2017
Structure-activity relationships of anticancer ruthenium (II) complexes with substituted hydroxyquinolines
D Havrylyuk, BS Howerton, L Nease, S Parkin, DK Heidary, EC Glazer
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 156, 790-799, 2018
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