Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
Tamaz Mdzinarashvili
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Partial heat capacity change—fundamental characteristic of the process of thermal denaturation of biological macromolecules (proteins and nucleic acids)
GM Mrevlishvili, NO Metreveli, GZ Razmadze, TD Mdzinarashvili, ...
Thermochimica acta 308 (1-2), 41-48, 1998
The role of bound water on the energetics of DNA duplex melting
GM Mrevlishvili, A Carvalho, MAVR da Silva, TD Mdzinarashvili, ...
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 66 (1), 133-144, 2001
Glucose as a major antioxidant: when, what for and why it fails?
A Cherkas, S Holota, T Mdzinarashvili, R Gabbianelli, N Zarkovic
Antioxidants 9 (2), 140, 2020
Calorimetric and spectrophotometric investigation of PLGA nanoparticles and their complex with DNA
M Khvedelidze, T Mdzinarashvili, T Partskhaladze, N Nafee, U Schaefer, ...
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 99 (1), 337-348, 2010
Calorimetric investigation of DNA in the native and denatured states
GM Mrevlishvili, GZ Razmadze, TD Mdzinarashvili, NO Metreveli, ...
Thermochimica acta 274, 37-43, 1996
Phase diagram for aqueous solutions of benzopurpurin 4b organic dye and effect of water on stabilization of lyotropic liquid-crystalline structures
VA Bykov, YG Sharimanov, GM Mrevlishvili, TD Mdzinarashvili, ...
Mol Matter 1, 73-83, 1992
Liposome-DNA interaction: microcalorimetric study
GM Mrevlishvili, BI Kankia, TJ Mdzinarashvili, TI Brelidze, ...
Chemistry and physics of lipids 94 (1), 139-143, 1998
Structure of drug delivery DPPA and DPPC liposomes with ligands and their permeability through cells
M Khvedelidze, T Mdzinarashvili, E Shekiladze, M Schneider, ...
Journal of liposome research 25 (1), 20-31, 2015
The thermodynamic basis of the mechanisms of bacterial virus infection
GM Mrevlishvili, T Mdzinarashvili, M Al-Zaza, L Tsinadze, D Tushishvili, ...
Pure and applied chemistry 71 (7), 1291-1299, 1999
Study of environmental and antimicrobial agents impact on features of bacterial growth
T Mdzinarashvili, I Papukashvili, T Partskhaladze, N Shengelia, ...
Cell biochemistry and biophysics 66 (3), 759-764, 2013
Pycnometric, viscometric and calorimetric studies of the process to release the double-stranded DNA from the Un bacteriophage
TJ Mdzinarashvili, GM Mrevlishvili, MM Khvedelidze, AT Ivanova, ...
Biophysical chemistry 124 (1), 43-51, 2006
Calorimetric study of the thermodynamic parameters of collagen denaturation in diluted solutions at different scanning rates
TV Burdzhanadze, N Metreveli, TD Mdzinarashvili, GM Mrevlishvili
Biofizika 42 (1), 77-79, 1997
Differential scanning calorimetry and hydrodynamic study of bacterial viruses. Effect of solution conditions
GM Mrevlishvili, MJ Sottomayor, MAVR da Silva, TD Mdzinarashvili, ...
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 66 (1), 103-113, 2001
Heat capacity of DNA in native and denatured states
GM Mrevlishvili, TD Mdzinarashvili, NO Metreveli, GR Kakabadze
Biofizika 37 (5), 859-860, 1992
Biophysics of T5, IRA phages, Escherichia coli outer membrane protein FhuA and T5-FhuA interaction
T Mdzinarashvili, M Khvedelidze, A Ivanova, G Mrevlishvili, M Kutateladze, ...
European Biophysics Journal 35 (3), 231-238, 2006
Energy of cooperative transitions in bacteriophage SD
GM Mrevlishvili, TD Mdzinarashvili, TN Suladze, IA Andriashvili
Biofizika 35 (2), 263-268, 1990
Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Hydrodynamic Study of Bacterial Viruses. About possible heat effects in hermetically closed calorimetric vessels with free volume above …
G Mrevlishvili, M Sottomayor, M Ribeiro da Silva, T Mdzinarashvili, ...
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 66 (1), 115-121, 2001
Denaturation increment of heat capacity in diluted aqueous solutions of collagen
GM Mrevlishvili, NO Metreveli, TD Mdzinarashvili
Biofizika 42 (1), 78-81, 1997
Calorimetric investigation of the thermodynamic parameters of denaturing of collagen in dilute solutions at different scanning rates
TV Burdzhanadze, NO Metreveli, TD Mdzinarashvili, GM Mrevlishvili
Biophysics 1 (42), 77-79, 1997
Stability of various PLGA and lipid nanoparticles in temperature and in time and new technology for the preparation of liposomes for anticancer and antibiotic loading
T Mdzinarashvili, M Khvedelidze, E Shekiladze, A Koenneke, ...
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 139 (2), 1131-1140, 2020
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