Hyungsoon Im
Hyungsoon Im
Massachusetts General Hospital
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Label-free detection and molecular profiling of exosomes with a nano-plasmonic sensor
H Im, H Shao, YI Park, VM Peterson, CM Castro, R Weissleder, H Lee
Nature biotechnology 32 (5), 490-495, 2014
Recent progress in SERS biosensing
KC Bantz, AF Meyer, NJ Wittenberg, H Im, Ö Kurtuluş, SH Lee, ...
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New technologies for analysis of extracellular vesicles
H Shao, H Im, CM Castro, X Breakefield, R Weissleder, H Lee
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Vertically oriented sub-10-nm plasmonic nanogap arrays
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A dielectric-modulated field-effect transistor for biosensing
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Aspartate aminotransferase (AST/GOT) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT/GPT) detection techniques
XJ Huang, YK Choi, HS Im, O Yarimaga, E Yoon, HS Kim
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Periodic nanohole arrays with shape-enhanced plasmon resonance as real-time biosensors
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A magneto-DNA nanoparticle system for rapid detection and phenotyping of bacteria
HJ Chung, CM Castro, H Im, H Lee, R Weissleder
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Atomic layer lithography of wafer-scale nanogap arrays for extreme confinement of electromagnetic waves
X Chen, HR Park, M Pelton, X Piao, NC Lindquist, H Im, YJ Kim, JS Ahn, ...
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Template-stripped smooth Ag nanohole arrays with silica shells for surface plasmon resonance biosensing
H Im, SH Lee, NJ Wittenberg, TW Johnson, NC Lindquist, P Nagpal, ...
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Self‐assembled plasmonic nanoring cavity arrays for SERS and LSPR biosensing
H Im, KC Bantz, SH Lee, TW Johnson, CL Haynes, SH Oh
Advanced Materials 25 (19), 2678-2685, 2013
Sub-micron resolution surface plasmon resonance imaging enabled by nanohole arrays with surrounding Bragg mirrors for enhanced sensitivity and isolation
NC Lindquist, A Lesuffleur, H Im, SH Oh
Lab on a Chip 9 (3), 382-387, 2009
Plasmonic nano-structures for optical data storage
M Mansuripur, AR Zakharian, A Lesuffleur, SH Oh, RJ Jones, ...
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Multiparametric plasma EV profiling facilitates diagnosis of pancreatic malignancy
KS Yang, H Im, S Hong, I Pergolini, AF Del Castillo, R Wang, S Clardy, ...
Science translational medicine 9 (391), 2017
Laser-illuminated nanohole arrays for multiplex plasmonic microarray sensing
A Lesuffleur, H Im, NC Lindquist, KS Lim, SH Oh
Optics express 16 (1), 219-224, 2008
Membrane protein biosensing with plasmonic nanopore arrays and pore-spanning lipid membranes
H Im, NJ Wittenberg, A Lesuffleur, NC Lindquist, SH Oh
Chemical science 1 (6), 688-696, 2010
Reduced proteolytic shedding of receptor tyrosine kinases is a post-translational mechanism of kinase inhibitor resistance
MA Miller, MJ Oudin, RJ Sullivan, SJ Wang, AS Meyer, H Im, DT Frederick, ...
Cancer discovery 6 (4), 382-399, 2016
Plasmonic nanoholes in a multichannel microarray format for parallel kinetic assays and differential sensing
H Im, A Lesuffleur, NC Lindquist, SH Oh
Analytical chemistry 81 (8), 2854-2859, 2009
Atomic layer deposition of dielectric overlayers for enhancing the optical properties and chemical stability of plasmonic nanoholes
H Im, NC Lindquist, A Lesuffleur, SH Oh
ACS nano 4 (2), 947-954, 2010
Nanohole-based surface plasmon resonance instruments with improved spectral resolution quantify a broad range of antibody-ligand binding kinetics
H Im, JN Sutherland, JA Maynard, SH Oh
Analytical chemistry 84 (4), 1941-1947, 2012
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