Hossam Halfa
Hossam Halfa
Prof. Dr
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Recent trends in producing ultrafine grained steels
H Halfa
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering 2014, 2014
Corrosion of High Strength Steel in Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Pickling Solutions and Its Inhibition by 3-Amino-5-mercapto-1,2,3-triazole
HHAMES El-Sayed M. Sherif1, Adel Taha Abbas
Int. J. Electrochem. Sci. 10, 1777-1791, 2015
Structure refinement of high-Cr cast iron by plasma surface melting and post-heat treatment
BVE V.G. Efremenko, Yu G. Chabak, K. Shimizu, A.G. Lekatou, V.I. Zurnadzhy ...
Materials & Design, 2017
Thermodynamic calculation for silicon ModifiedAISI M2 high speed tool steel
H Hossam
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering 2013, 2013
Parameters Affecting Energy Consumption for Producing High Carbon Ferromanganese in a Closed Submerged Arc Furnace
ME Azza Ahmed, Hossam Haifa, Mohamed K. El-Fawakhry, Hoda El-Faramawy
Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, 21 (7), 666-672, 2014
Parameters Affecting the Production of High Carbon Ferromanganese in Closed Submerged Arc Furnace
M Eissa, H El-Faramawy, A Ahmed, S Nabil, H Halfa
Characterization of electroslag remelted super hard high speed tool steel containing niobium
H Halfa
steel research international 84 (5), 495-510, 2013
Microstructure Characterization and Corrosion Resistance Behavior of New Cobalt-Free Maraging Steel Produced Through ESR Techniques
AH Seikh, H Halfa, M Baig, SMA Khan
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1-9, 2017
Effect of nitrogen and niobium on the structure and secondary hardening of super hard high speed tool steel
H Halfa, M Eissa, K El‐Fawakhry, T Mattar
steel research international 83 (1), 32-42, 2012
Oxidation Behavior of Fe3Al-5Cr-(0, 0.5, 1.5) Ti Alloys at Temperature Ranges from 800 o C to 1200 o C
H Halfa
Journal of Minerals & Materials Characterization & Engineering 9 (9), 775-786, 2010
Effect of nitrogen alloying on sulphur behaviour during ESR of AISI M41 steel
T Mattar, K El‐Fawakhry, H Halfa, M Eissa
steel research international 79 (9), 691-697, 2008
Effect of slag properties and nitrogen addition on behaviour of alloying elements during ESR of AISI M41 tool steel
A Ahmed, A Fathy
Ironmaking & Steelmaking 35 (6), 458-464, 2008
Precipitation Behavior of Modified as Cast High Nitrogen Super Hard High‐Speed Tool Steel
H Halfa, T Mattar, M Eissa
steel research international 83 (11), 1071-1078, 2012
Simulation of structure formation in the Fe–C–Cr–Ni–Si surfacing materials
Hossam Halfa, Bohdan Efremenko, Alexander Belik, Yuliia Chabak
Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 12 (92), 33-38, 2018
Evaluation of neutron shielding properties of steel slag waste
AM Reda, H Halfa
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 6 (4), 5544-5551, 2018
Partial and total mass attenuation coefficients, effective atomic number and effective electron number of different Maraging steel compositions
AM Reda, H Halfa
International Journal of Physical Sciences 12 (2), 24-33, 2017
Enhancement of mechanical properties of developed Ti-containing Co-free low-Ni maraging steel by ESR
KEF Hossam Halfa, Ayman Fathy, Mohamed Kamal, Mamdouh
The novel hybrid concept on designing advanced multi-component cast irons: Effect of boron and titanium (Thermodynamic modelling, microstructure and mechanical property evaluation)
VIZ V.G. Efremenko, Yu.G. Chabak, K. Shimizu, M.A. Golinskyi, A.G. Lekatou ...
Materials Characterization 197, 112691, 2023
Evaluation of strength and microstructural properties of heat treated high-molybdenum content maraging steel
AH Seikh, H Halfa, MS Soliman
Crystals 11 (12), 1446, 2021
Neutron and Gamma-ray Shielding Properties of Modified Ni-Ti-X Mo Maraging Steels
AM Reda, H Halfa
International Journal of Physical Sciences 10 (8), 263-269, 2015
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