Håkan Johansson
Håkan Johansson
Professor in Electronics Systems, Linköping University
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Modern techniques in neuroscience research
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Reconstruction of nonuniformly sampled bandlimited signals by means of digital fractional delay filters
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Localized muscle fatigue decreases the acuity of the movement sense in the human shoulder.
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Channel estimation and low-complexity beamforming design for passive intelligent surface assisted MISO wireless energy transfer
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Time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters: Status and future directions
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Muscle force and muscle torque in humans require different methods when adjusting for differences in body size
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A polynomial-based time-varying filter structure for the compensation of frequency-response mismatch errors in time-interleaved ADCs
H Johansson
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Digital filters
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High-speed recursive digital filters based on the frequency-response masking approach
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Influence from stretch-sensitive receptors in the collateral ligaments of the knee joint on the γ-muscle-spindle systems of flexor and extensor muscles
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