Irene Lucas del Pozo
Irene Lucas del Pozo
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Observation of the spin Seebeck effect in epitaxial Fe3O4 thin films
R Ramos, T Kikkawa, K Uchida, H Adachi, I Lucas, MH Aguirre, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (7), 072413, 2013
Epitaxial growth of superconducting Ba (Fe1-xCox) 2As2 thin films on technical ion beam assisted deposition MgO substrates
K Iida, J Hänisch, S Trommler, V Matias, S Haindl, F Kurth, IL del Pozo, ...
Applied physics express 4 (1), 013103, 2010
Anomalous Nernst effect of single crystal
R Ramos, MH Aguirre, A Anadón, J Blasco, I Lucas, K Uchida, ...
Physical Review B 90 (5), 054422, 2014
Unconventional scaling and significant enhancement of the spin Seebeck effect in multilayers
R Ramos, T Kikkawa, MH Aguirre, I Lucas, A Anadón, T Oyake, K Uchida, ...
Physical Review B 92 (22), 220407, 2015
Control of the spin to charge conversion using the inverse Rashba-Edelstein effect
S Sangiao, JM De Teresa, L Morellon, I Lucas, MC Martínez-Velarte, ...
Applied Physics Letters 106 (17), 172403, 2015
Terahertz spin currents and inverse spin Hall effect in thin-film heterostructures containing complex magnetic compounds
T Seifert, U Martens, S Günther, MAW Schoen, F Radu, XZ Chen, I Lucas, ...
Spin 7 (03), 1740010, 2017
Magnetic properties of CoP alloys electrodeposited at room temperature
I Lucas, L Perez, C Aroca, P Sanchez, E Lopez, MC Sanchez
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 290, 1513-1516, 2005
Thermoelectric performance of spin Seebeck effect in Fe3O4/Pt-based thin film heterostructures
R Ramos, A Anadón, I Lucas, K Uchida, PA Algarabel, L Morellón, ...
APL Materials 4 (10), 104802, 2016
Enhancement of the spin Peltier effect in multilayers
K Uchida, R Iguchi, S Daimon, R Ramos, A Anadón, I Lucas, ...
Physical Review B 95 (18), 184437, 2017
Langmuir–Blodgett Films of the Metal–Organic Framework MIL-101(Cr): Preparation, Characterization, and CO2 Adsorption Study Using a QCM-Based Setup
J Benito, S Sorribas, I Lucas, J Coronas, I Gascon
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (25), 16486-16492, 2016
Observation of the strain induced magnetic phase segregation in manganite thin films
L Marín, LA Rodríguez, C Magén, E Snoeck, R Arras, I Lucas, L Morellón, ...
Nano letters 15 (1), 492-497, 2015
Spin Seebeck effect in insulating epitaxial γ−Fe2O3 thin films
P Jiménez-Cavero, I Lucas, A Anadón, R Ramos, T Niizeki, MH Aguirre, ...
APL Materials 5 (2), 026103, 2017
Observation of a topologically protected state in a magnetic domain wall stabilized by a ferromagnetic chemical barrier
S Ruiz-Gómez, M Foerster, L Aballe, MP Proenca, I Lucas, JL Prieto, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-6, 2018
Characteristic length scale of the magnon accumulation in Fe3O4/Pt bilayer structures by incoherent thermal excitation
A Anadón, R Ramos, I Lucas, PA Algarabel, L Morellón, MR Ibarra, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (1), 012404, 2016
Analytical model for the sensitivity of a toroidal fluxgate sensor
L Pérez, I Lucas, C Aroca, P Sánchez, MC Sanchez
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 130, 142-146, 2006
Temperature dependence of the spin Seebeck effect in [Fe3O4/Pt]n multilayers
R Ramos, T Kikkawa, A Anadón, I Lucas, K Uchida, PA Algarabel, ...
AIP advances 7 (5), 055915, 2017
Independent Control of the Magnetization in Ferromagnetic La2/3Sr1/3MnO3/SrTiO3/LaCoO3 Heterostructures Achieved by Epitaxial Lattice Mismatch
B Rivas-Murias, I Lucas, P Jimenez-Cavero, C Magen, L Morellon, ...
Nano letters 16 (3), 1736-1740, 2016
A new single-sensor magnetic field gradiometer
I Lucas, MD Michelena, RP del Real, V de Manuel, JA Plaza, M Duch, ...
Sensor Letters 7 (4), 563-570, 2009
Interface-induced anomalous Nernst effect in Fe3O4/Pt-based heterostructures
R Ramos, T Kikkawa, A Anadón, I Lucas, T Niizeki, K Uchida, ...
Applied Physics Letters 114 (11), 113902, 2019
Magnetic hardening and domain structure in Co/Pt antidots with perpendicular anisotropy
C Bran, P Gawronski, I Lucas, RP Del Real, P Strichovanec, A Asenjo, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 (6), 065003, 2017
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