Sergiy Prosvirnin
Sergiy Prosvirnin
Institute of Radio Astronomy
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Resonances of closed modes in thin arrays of complex particles
S Prosvirnin, S Zouhdi
Advances in electromagnetics of complex media and metamaterials, 281-290, 2002
Trapping of light by metal arrays
VV Khardikov, EO Iarko, SL Prosvirnin
Journal of Optics 12 (4), 045102, 2010
A giant red shift and enhancement of the light confinement in a planar array of dielectric bars
VV Khardikov, EO Iarko, SL Prosvirnin
Journal of Optics 14 (3), 035103, 2012
Optical bistability involving planar metamaterials with broken structural symmetry
VR Tuz, SL Prosvirnin, LA Kochetova
Physical Review B 82 (23), 233402, 2010
Electromagnetic wave diffraction by planar periodic gratings of wavy metal strips
SL Prosvirnin, SA Tretyakov, PL Mladyonov
Journal of electromagnetic waves and applications 16 (3), 421-435, 2002
Multi-layered arrays of conducting strips: switchable photonic band gap structures
SL Prosvirnin, S Zouhdi
AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 55 (4), 260-265, 2001
Polarization transformations by a magneto-photonic layered structure in the vicinity of a ferromagnetic resonance
VR Tuz, MY Vidil, SL Prosvirnin
Journal of Optics 12 (9), 095102, 2010
Analysis of polarization transformations by a planar chiral array of complex-shaped particles
SL Prosvirnin, NI Zheludev
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 11 (7), 074002, 2009
Plane-wave reflection from double arrays of small magnetoelectric scatterers
VV Yatsenko, SI Maslovski, SA Tretyakov, SL Prosvirnin, S Zouhdi
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 51 (1), 2-11, 2003
All-optical switching in metamaterial with high structural symmetry-bistable response of nonlinear double-ring planar metamaterial
VR Tuz, SL Prosvirnin
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 56 (3), 30401, 2011
Polarization switching and nonreciprocity in symmetric and asymmetric magnetophotonic multilayers with nonlinear defect
VR Tuz, SL Prosvirnin, SV Zhukovsky
Physical Review A 85 (4), 043822, 2012
Bistability, multistability, and nonreciprocity in a chiral photonic bandgap structure with nonlinear defect
VR Tuz, SL Prosvirnin
JOSA B 28 (5), 1002-1008, 2011
Enhancement of absorption bistability by trapping-light planar metamaterial
VR Tuz, VS Butylkin, SL Prosvirnin
Journal of Optics 14 (4), 045102, 2012
Analysis of reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves in complex layered arrays
SL Prosvirnin, SA Tretyakov, TD Vasilyeva, A Fourrier-Lamer, S Zouhdi
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 14 (6), 807-826, 2000
Electromagnetic wave diffraction by the plane array of chiral strip elements of complex shape
TD Vasilyeva, SL Prosvirnin
Physics of wave processes and radio systems 1 (4), 5-9, 1998
Resonant features of planar Faraday metamaterial with high structural symmetry-Study of properties of a 4-fold array of planar chiral rosettes placed on a ferrite substrate
SY Polevoy, SL Prosvirnin, SI Tarapov, VR Tuz
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 61 (3), 30501, 2013
Planar all-silicon metamaterial for terahertz applications
SL Prosvirnin, VA Dmitriev, YM Kuleshov, VV Khardikov
Applied Optics 54 (13), 3986-3990, 2015
Nonlinear interaction of two trapped-mode resonances in a bilayer fish-scale metamaterial
VR Tuz, DV Novitsky, PL Mladyonov, SL Prosvirnin, AV Novitsky
JOSA B 31 (9), 2095-2103, 2014
Enhancement of quantum dot luminescence in all-dielectric metamaterial
VV Khardikov, SL Prosvirnin
arXiv preprint arXiv:1210.4146, 2012
Wave diffraction by double-periodic gratings of continuous curvilinear metal strips placed on both sides of a dielectric layer
PL Mladyonov, SL Prosvirnin
Radio Physics and Radio Astronomy 1 (4), 2010
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