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(Multi) frequency variations of stars. Some methods and results
IL Andronov
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Astroinformation resource of the Ukrainian virtual observatory: Joint observational data archive, scientific tasks, and software
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Pulsations in Algols
DE Mkrtichian, V Nazarenko, AY Gamarova, H Lehmann, E Rodriguez, ...
Interplay of Periodic, Cyclic and Stochastic Variability in Selected Areas …, 2003
The Noah Project: detection of the spin-orbit beat period of BY Camelopardalis
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Algorithm of the artificial comparison star for the CCD photometry
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Inter-Longitude Astronomy (ILA) Project: Current Highlights And Perspectives. I. Magnetic vs. Non-Magnetic Interacting Binary Stars
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Autocorrelation function bias owed to a limited number of de‐trended observations. Applications to autoregressive models with noise
IL Andronov
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Ukrainian Virtual Observatory: Current Status and Perspectives of Development of Joint Archives of Observations
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IL Andronov
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CCD photometry using multiple comparison stars
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Smoothing the" smoothing" cubic spline functions.
IL Andronov
Publications of the Astronomical Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of …, 1987
On the mechanism of the “Noisar” phenomenon in magnetic close binary systems
IL Andronov
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Phenomenological modeling of the light curves of algol-type eclipsing binary stars
IL Andronov
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