Stanislav Tiagulskyi
Stanislav Tiagulskyi
Institute of Photonics and Electronics
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The effect of rare-earth clustering on charge trapping and electroluminescence in rare-earth implanted metal-oxide-semiconductor light-emitting devices
AN Nazarov, SI Tiagulskyi, IP Tyagulskyy, VS Lysenko, L Rebohle, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (12), 123112, 2010
Anomalous wear-out phenomena of europium-implanted light emitters based on a metal-oxide-semiconductor structure
L Rebohle, J Lehmann, S Prucnal, A Nazarov, I Tyagulskii, S Tyagulskii, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (12), 123103, 2009
Impedance spectroscopy of single graphene layer at gas adsorption
VA Skryshevsky, YS Milovanov, IV Gavrilchenko, SI Tiagulskyi, ...
physica status solidi (a) 212 (9), 1941-1945, 2015
Enhancement of carrier mobility in thin Ge layer by Sn co-doping
S Prucnal, F Liu, Y Berencén, L Vines, L Bischoff, J Grenzer, S Andric, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 31 (10), 105012, 2016
Electrical and optical properties of rectifying ZnO homojunctions fabricated by wet chemistry methods
R Yatskiv, S Tiagulskyi, J Grym, O Cernohorsky
physica status solidi (a) 215 (2), 1700592, 2018
Characterization of graphite/ZnO Schottky barriers formed on polar and nonpolar ZnO surfaces
R Yatskiv, S Tiagulskyi, J Grym
physica status solidi (a) 216 (2), 1800734, 2019
Electrical Characterization of Graphite/InP Schottky Diodes by I–V–T and C–V Methods
S Tiagulskyi, R Yatskiv, J Grym
Journal of Electronic Materials 47 (9), 4950-4954, 2018
RF plasma treatment of shallow ion-implanted layers of germanium
PN Okholin, VI Glotov, AN Nazarov, VO Yuchymchuk, VP Kladko, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 42, 204-209, 2016
Optical and electrical characterization of CuO/ZnO heterojunctions
R Yatskiv, S Tiagulskyi, J Grym, J Vaniš, N Bašinová, P Horak, A Torrisi, ...
Thin Solid Films 693, 137656, 2020
Electrical properties of nanoscale heterojunctions formed between GaN and ZnO nanorods
S Tiagulskyi, R Yatskiv, J Grym, A Schenk, D Roesel, J Vanis, ...
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Nanomaterials—Research …, 2017
Methane as a novel doping precursor for deposition of highly conductive ZnO thin films by magnetron sputtering
AV Vasin, AV Rusavsky, EG Bortchagovsky, YV Gomeniuk, AS Nikolenko, ...
Vacuum 174, 109199, 2020
Highly Rectifying Heterojunctions Formed by Annealed ZnO Nanorods on GaN Substrates
S Tiagulskyi, R Yatskiv, H Faitová, Š Kučerová, D Roesel, J Vaniš, J Grym, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (3), 508, 2020
Electrical properties of nanoscale pn heterojunctions formed between a single ZnO nanorod and GaN substrate
S Tiagulskyi, R Yatskiv, H Faitova, Š Kučerová, J Vaniš, J Grym
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 107, 104808, 2020
Influence of crystallographic orientation on Schottky barrier formation in gallium oxide
R Yatskiv, S Tiagulskyi, J Grym
Journal of Electronic Materials, 1-5, 2020
Shell model for REOx nanoclusters in amorphous SiO2: charge trapping and electroluminescence quenching
S Tiagulskyi, A Nazarov, I Tyagulskii, V Lysenko, L Rebohle, J Lehmann, ...
physica status solidi c 9 (6), 1468-1470, 2012
Influence of Growth Polarity Switching on the Optical and Electrical Properties of GaN/AlGaN Nanowire LEDs
A Reszka, KP Korona, S Tiagulskyi, H Turski, U Jahn, S Kret, R Bożek, ...
Electronics 10 (1), 45, 2021
Thermally activated analysis of LaSiOx/Si and GdSiOx/Si structures at cryogenic temperatures
PK I.P. Tyagulskii, S.I. Tyagulskii, A.N. Nazarov, V.S. Lysenko, K. Cherkaoui
Microelectronic Engineering 109, 2013
Micro-Raman spectroscopy and electrical conductivity of graphene layer on SiO2 dielectric subjected to electron beam irradiation
OM Slobodian, SI Tiagulskyi, AS Nikolenko, Y Stubrov, YV Gomeniuk, ...
Materials Research Express 5 (11), 116405, 2018
Transformation of graphene flakes into carbon nanostructures by γ-irradiation
SI Tiagulskyi, AV Vasin, AV Rusavsky, PM Lytvyn, AS Nikolenko, ...
Materials Research Express 4 (4), 045602, 2017
Influence of Surface Polarity on Optoelectronic Properties of PEDOT: PSS/ZnO Hybrid Heterojunctions
R Yatskiv, J Grym, S Tiagulskyi, N Bašinová
physica status solidi (a) 218 (6), 2000612, 2021
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