Agnieszka Latawiec
Agnieszka Latawiec
Executive Director at the International Institute for Sustainability
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Moment of truth for the Cerrado hotspot
BBN Strassburg, T Brooks, R Feltran-Barbieri, A Iribarrem, R Crouzeilles, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 1 (4), 1-3, 2017
When enough should be enough: Improving the use of current agricultural lands could meet production demands and spare natural habitats in Brazil
BBN Strassburg, AE Latawiec, LG Barioni, CA Nobre, VP Da Silva, ...
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Ecological restoration success is higher for natural regeneration than for active restoration in tropical forests
R Crouzeilles, MS Ferreira, RL Chazdon, DB Lindenmayer, ...
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The environmental costs and benefits of high-yield farming
A Balmford, T Amano, H Bartlett, D Chadwick, A Collins, D Edwards, ...
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Global priority areas for ecosystem restoration
BBN Strassburg, A Iribarrem, HL Beyer, CL Cordeiro, R Crouzeilles, ...
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Creating space for large‐scale restoration in tropical agricultural landscapes
AE Latawiec, BBN Strassburg, PHS Brancalion, RR Rodrigues, T Gardner
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Strategic approaches to restoring ecosystems can triple conservation gains and halve costs
BBN Strassburg, HL Beyer, R Crouzeilles, A Iribarrem, F Barros, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 3 (1), 62-70, 2019
Intensification of cattle ranching production systems: socioeconomic and environmental synergies and risks in Brazil
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Understanding relationships between biodiversity, carbon, forests and people: the key to achieving REDD+ objectives
SM John A Parrotta, Christoph Wildburger
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Evaluating impacts of development and conservation projects using sustainability indicators: Opportunities and challenges
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Moment of truth for the Cerrado hotspot. Nat. Ecol. Evol. 1, 0099
BBN Strassburg, T Brooks, R Feltran-Barbieri, A Iribarrem, R Crouzeilles, ...
Sequential extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using subcritical water
AE Latawiec, BJ Reid
Chemosphere 78 (8), 1042-1048, 2010
Achieving cost‐effective landscape‐scale forest restoration through targeted natural regeneration
R Crouzeilles, HL Beyer, LM Monteiro, R Feltran-Barbieri, ACM Pessôa, ...
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Improving land management in Brazil: A perspective from producers
AE Latawiec, BBN Strassburg, D Silva, HN Alves-Pinto, R Feltran-Barbieri, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 240, 276-286, 2017
The role of natural regeneration to ecosystem services provision and habitat availability: a case study in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
BBN Strassburg, FSM Barros, R Crouzeilles, A Iribarrem, JS Santos, ...
Biotropica 48 (6), 890-899, 2016
Natural regeneration and biodiversity: a global meta‐analysis and implications for spatial planning
AE Latawiec, R Crouzeilles, PHS Brancalion, RR Rodrigues, ...
Biotropica 48 (6), 844-855, 2016
Reconciling rural development and ecological restoration: strategies and policy recommendations for the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
HN Alves-Pinto, AE Latawiec, BBN Strassburg, FSM Barros, ...
Land Use Policy 60, 419-426, 2017
Decision-makers' perspectives on the use of bioaccessibility for risk-based regulation of contaminated land
AE Latawiec, P Simmons, BJ Reid
Environment international 36 (4), 383-389, 2010
Results from on-the-ground efforts to promote sustainable cattle ranching in the Brazilian Amazon
EKHJ Zu Ermgassen, MP Alcântara, A Balmford, L Barioni, FB Neto, ...
Sustainability 10 (4), 1301, 2018
Sustainable agriculture-the potential to increase wheat and rapeseed yields in Poland
JB Królczyk, AE Latawiec, M Kuboń
Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 23 (3), 663-672, 2014
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