Mirza Muhammad Waqar
Mirza Muhammad Waqar
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Development of New Indices for Extraction of built up area and Bare soil from LANDSAT data
EH Mirza Muhammad Waqar, Johum Fatimah Mirza, Rafia Mumtaz
Open Access Scientific Reports, 2012
Analysis of polarimetric decomposition, backscattering coefficient, and sample properties for identification and layer thickness estimation of silica sand distribution using L …
H Kausarian, JT Sri Sumantyo, H Kuze, J Aminuddin, MM Waqar
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 43 (2), 95-108, 2017
Earthquake/tsunami damage level mapping of urban areas using full polarimetric SAR data
Y Ji, JTS Sumantyo, MY Chua, MM Waqar
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2018
Above Ground Biomass Estimation of Dalbergia sissoo Forest Plantation from Dual-Polarized ALOS-2 PALSAR Data
S Baig, WA Qazi, AM Akhtar, MM Waqar, A Ammar, H Gilani, ...
Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing 43 (3), 297-308, 2017
Earthquake/tsunami damage assessment for urban areas using post-event PolSAR data
Y Ji, JT Sri Sumantyo, MY Chua, MM Waqar
Remote Sensing 10 (7), 1088, 2018
Vegetation role in controlling the ecoenvironmental conditions for sustainable urban environments: a comparison of Beijing and Islamabad
S Naeem, C Cao, MM Waqar, C Wei, BK Acharya
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 12 (1), 016013, 2018
Comparison of forest aboveground biomass estimates from passive and active remote sensing sensors over Kayar Khola watershed, Chitwan district, Nepal
WA Qazi, S Baig, H Gilani, MM Waqar, A Dhakal, A Ammar
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 11 (2), 026038, 2017
Georeferencing of UK DMC stereo-images without ground control points by exploiting geometric distortions
R Mumtaz, PL Palmer, MM Waqar
International Journal of Remote Sensing 35 (6), 2136-2169, 2014
Crop Type Mapping by Integrating Satellite Data and Crop Calendar over Okara District, Punjab (Pakistan)
MMW Sumaira Zafar
Journal of Space Technology 4 (1), 21-25, 2014
Comparison of glacier change detection using pixel based and object based classification techniques
S Muhammad, C Gul, A Javed, J Muneer, MM Waqar
2013 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium-IGARSS, 4118 …, 2013
Land suitability assessment for rice crop using geospatial techniques
MM Waqar, F Rehman, M Ikram
2013 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium-IGARSS, 2844 …, 2013
Retrieval of tropical peatland forest biomass from polarimetric features in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
MM Waqar, R Sukmawati, YQ Ji, JT Sri Sumantyo, H Segah, LB Prasetyo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 98, 109-125, 2020
Characterization of Coal Quality Based On Ash Content From M2 Coal-Seam Group, Muara Enim Formation, South Sumatra Basin
S Nalendra, FP Nasution
Journal of Geoscience, Engineering, Environment, and Technology 2 (3), 203-209, 2017
The development and comparison of two polarimetric calibration techniques for ground-based circularly polarized radar system
Y Izumi, S Demirci, MZ Baharuddin, MM Waqar, JT Sri Sumantyo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research 73, 79-93, 2017
Satellite Derived Snow Cover Status and Trends in the Indus Basin
MT Afzal, M Arslan, S Zafar, MM Waqar
Journal of Space Technology 4 (1), 26-31, 2014
Tropical Peat-Land Forest Biomass Estimation Using Polarimetric Parameters Extracted from RadarSAT-2 Images
MM Waqar, R Sukmawati, J Yaqi, JT Sumantyo
Land 9 (6), 193, 2020
Single Post-event PolSAR Data Based Earthquake/Tsunami Damage Information Extraction in Urban Areas
YQ Ji, JTS Sumantyo, MY Chua, MM Waqar
2018 Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS-Toyama), 899-904, 2018
Haze detection by using modified normalized difference haze index in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei province
X Han, F Yao, J Zhang, MM Waqar, Y Zha, J He
Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10 (2), 025025, 2016
Efficiency of classification techniques for sachen and rupal glaciers variation during 1972–2010
S Muhammad, C Gul, J Muneer, MM Waqar
2013 International Conference on Aerospace Science & Engineering (ICASE), 1-3, 2013
Land subsidence estimation using DinSAR method ALOS PALSAR image in Padang City West Sumatra, Indonesia
MM Waqar
PILLAR OF PHYSICS 13 (2), 2021
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