Bivas Rana
Bivas Rana
Assistant Professor, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland
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Tunable magnonic frequency and damping in multilayers with variable Co layer thickness
S Pal, B Rana, O Hellwig, T Thomson, A Barman
Applied Physics Letters 98 (8), 082501, 2011
Structural, optical and magnetic properties of sol–gel derived ZnO: Co diluted magnetic semiconductor nanocrystals: an EXAFS study
S Kumar, S Basu, B Rana, A Barman, S Chatterjee, SN Jha, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 (3), 481-495, 2014
Tunable Magnonic Spectra in Two‐Dimensional Magnonic Crystals with Variable Lattice Symmetry
S Saha, R Mandal, S Barman, D Kumar, B Rana, Y Fukuma, S Sugimoto, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (19), 2378-2386, 2013
Detection of picosecond magnetization dynamics of 50 nm magnetic dots down to the single dot regime
B Rana, D Kumar, S Barman, S Pal, Y Fukuma, Y Otani, A Barman
ACS nano 5 (12), 9559-9565, 2011
Voltage-controlled reconfigurable spin-wave nanochannels and logic devices
B Rana, Y Otani
Physical Review Applied 9 (1), 014033, 2018
Realization of a micrometre-scale spin-wave interferometer
O Rousseau, B Rana, R Anami, M Yamada, K Miura, S Ogawa, Y Otani
Scientific reports 5, 9873, 2015
Towards magnonic devices based on voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy
B Rana, YC Otani
Communications Physics 2 (1), 90, 2019
Inverse Edelstein effect induced by magnon-phonon coupling
M Xu, J Puebla, F Auvray, B Rana, K Kondou, YC Otani
Physical Review B 97 (18), 180301(R), 2018
Static and dynamic magnetic properties of densely packed magnetic nanowire arrays
O Dmytriiev, UAS Al-Jarah, P Gangmei, VV Kruglyak, RJ Hicken, ...
Physical Review B 87 (17), 174429, 2013
Excitation of coherent propagating spin waves in ultrathin CoFeB film by voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy
B Rana, Y Fukuma, K Miura, H Takahashi, YC Otani
Applied Physics Letters 111 (5), 052404, 2017
Voltage-induced magnetization dynamics in CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions
K Miura, S Yabuuchi, M Yamada, M Ichimura, B Rana, S Ogawa, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 42511, 2017
Role of codoping on multiferroic properties at room temperature in BiFeO3 ceramic
AK Ghosh, GD Dwivedi, B Chatterjee, B Rana, A Barman, S Chatterjee, ...
Solid State Communications 166, 22-26, 2013
Tunable spin wave dynamics in two-dimensional Ni80Fe20 nanodot lattices by varying dot shape
BK Mahato, B Rana, D Kumar, S Barman, S Sugimoto, Y Otani, A Barman
Applied Physics Letters 105 (1), 012406, 2014
Magnetization reversal in chains and clusters of exchange-coupled nickel nanoparticles
M Agrawal, B Rana, A Barman
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (25), 11115-11118, 2010
All-optical excitation and detection of picosecond dynamics of ordered arrays of nanomagnets with varying areal density
B Rana, S Pal, S Barman, Y Fukuma, Y Otani, A Barman
Applied Physics Express 4 (11), 113003, 2011
Magneto-optical measurements of collective spin dynamics of two-dimensional arrays of ferromagnetic nanoelements
B Rana, A Barman
Spin 3 (01), 1330001, 2013
Direct optical observation of spin accumulation at nonmagnetic metal/oxide interface
J Puebla, F Auvray, M Xu, B Rana, A Albouy, H Tsai, K Kondou, G Tatara, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (9), 092402, 2017
Configurational anisotropic spin waves in cross-shaped Ni80Fe20 nanoelements
BK Mahato, B Rana, R Mandal, D Kumar, S Barman, Y Fukuma, Y Otani, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102 (19), 192402, 2013
Effect of excitation power on voltage induced local magnetization dynamics in an ultrathin CoFeB film
B Rana, Y Fukuma, K Miura, H Takahashi, Y Otani
Scientific reports 7 (1), 2318, 2017
Nonreciprocal surface acoustic wave propagation via magneto-rotation coupling
M Xu, K Yamamoto, J Puebla, K Baumgaertl, B Rana, K Miura, ...
Science Advances 6 (32), eabb1724, 2020
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