Iryna Pishel
Iryna Pishel
Doctor of Medical Science, State Institute of Gerontology NAMS of Ukraine
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Superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase activities in the liver of young and old mice: linear regression and correlation
KK Muradian, NA Utko, V Fraifeld, TG Mozzhukhina, IN Pishel, ...
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1-Substituted 2-azaspiro[3.3]heptanes: overseen motifs for drug discovery
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Accelerated aging versus rejuvenation of the immune system in heterochronic parabiosis
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Synthesis of Multifunctional Spirocyclic Azetidines and Their Application in Drug Discovery
A Kirichok, I Shton, I Pishel, S Zozulya, P Borysko, V Kubyshkin, ...
January 2018 Chemistry - A European Journal 24(21) 24 (21), 5444-5449, 2018
Inhibitors of Poly(ADP-Ribose)Polymerase-1 as Agents Providing Correction of Brain Dysfunctions Induced by Experimental Diabetes
TMK M. M. Guzyk, K.O. Dyakun, L. V. Yanytska, I. B. Pryvrotska, I. Ya ...
Neurophysiology 49 (4), 183–193, 2017
Sponsors of SENS6
G Accardi, S Verga, F Emanuele, C Caruso, C Virruso, S Vasto, F Licastro, ...
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Pair-wise linear and 3D nonlinear relationships between the liver antioxidant enzyme activities and the rate of body oxygen consumption in mice
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Aged mice repeatedly injected with plasma from young mice: a survival study
D Shytikov, O Balva, E Debonneuil, P Glukhovskiy, I Pishel
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Regulating effect of pineal gland peptides on development of T-lymphocytes in CBA aging mice: role of microenvironment of immune system organs and neuroendocrine factors
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Peptide drugs for photopharmacology: how much of a safety advantage can be gained by photocontrol?
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Effect of insulin-like growth factor transgene on wound healing in mice with streptozotocin-induced diabetes
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Correlative Links Between Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase and Glutathione Peroxidase Activities in Mouse Liver
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Pair-wise linear and 3D nonlinear relationships between the liver antioxidant enzyme activities and the rate of body oxygen consumption in mice
IN Pishel, VV Bezrukov, VE Fraield
Free Radic Biol Med 33, 17361739, 2002
Exploring bulky natural and natural-like periphery in the design of p-(benzyloxy) phenylpropionic acid agonists of free fatty acid receptor 1 (GPR40)
SO Kuranov, OA Luzina, O Onopchenko, I Pishel, S Zozulya, M Gureev, ...
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Splenic niche cells from young heterochronic parabionts have decreased capability to amplify T-cell proliferation in vitro
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Correlative links between superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase activities in mouse liver
M KhK, NA Utko, TG Mozzhukhina, IN Pishel, L AIa, VV Bezrukov, ...
Ukrains' kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal (1999) 75 (1), 33-37, 2003
Stress and immune system in aging
GM Butenko, OP Tereshina, IF Labunets, LV Magdich, IN Pishel
Induction of neonatal tolerance to GFP-labeled karyocytes in C57/B6 mice
R Dovhyi, I Pishel, G Butenko, L Skivka
Journal of immunological methods 447, 92-94, 2017
The activity of gas metabolism, thermoregulation, and antioxidant enzymes in aging C57Bl/6 mice
NO Utko, IM Pishel, VV Bezrukov, M KhK
Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine: 1994) 54 (2), 75-81, 2008
Increase in T-cell level in the peripheral blood of women with fractures in anamnesis during postmenopause period
IM Pishel, NV Hryhor'ieva, R AIe, LN Pashynian, LV Mahdych, ...
Likars' ka sprava, 41-47, 2007
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