Jeffrey S. Seely
Jeffrey S. Seely
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Motor cortex embeds muscle-like commands in an untangled population response
AA Russo, SR Bittner, SM Perkins, JS Seely, BM London, AH Lara, A Miri, ...
Neuron 97 (4), 953-966. e8, 2018
Role of mutual inhibition in binocular rivalry
J Seely, CC Chow
Journal of neurophysiology 106 (5), 2136-2150, 2011
The largest response component in the motor cortex reflects movement timing but not movement type
MT Kaufman, JS Seely, D Sussillo, SI Ryu, KV Shenoy, MM Churchland
Eneuro 3 (4), 2016
Behaviorally selective engagement of short-latency effector pathways by motor cortex
A Miri, CL Warriner, JS Seely, GF Elsayed, JP Cunningham, ...
Neuron 95 (3), 683-696. e11, 2017
Tensor analysis reveals distinct population structure that parallels the different computational roles of areas m1 and v1
JS Seely, MT Kaufman, SI Ryu, KV Shenoy, JP Cunningham, ...
PLoS computational biology 12 (11), e1005164, 2016
Gradient Matching for Domain Generalization
Y Shi, J Seely, PHS Torr, N Siddharth, A Hannun, N Usunier, G Synnaeve
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.09937, 2021
Optimization of the leak conductance in the squid giant axon
J Seely, P Crotty
Physical Review E 82 (2), 021906, 2010
Tensor Analysis and the Dynamics of Motor Cortex
JS Seely
Columbia University, 2017
Comparing visual and motor cortex: representational coding versus dynamical systems
JS Seely, MT Kaufman, A Kohn, MA Smith, JA Movshon, NJ Priebe, ...
Front. Comput. Neurosci. Conference Abstract: Bernstein Conference, 2012
Propagating targets through noninvertible layers of deep networks
JS Seely, RM Memmesheimer, LF Abbott
II-67. Dimensionality in motor cortex: differences between models and exper-iment
J Seely, COMMT Kaufman, EDUJ Cunningham, AC UK
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