Sergey Gnatchenko
Sergey Gnatchenko
B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
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Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of francisite compounds Cu3Bi (SeO3) 2O2X (X= Cl, Br and I)
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Anomalous optical phonons in FeTe chalcogenides: Spin state, magnetic order, and lattice anharmonicity
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Magnetic and superconducting properties of (, 0.5, and 1.0)
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Magnetic properties of superconducting FeSe in the normal state
GE Grechnev, AS Panfilov, VA Desnenko, AV Fedorchenko, ...
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Magnetic field-induced spin reorientation in gadolinium surface layer of Gd/Fe multilayers
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Yu. A. Shakhayeva, M. Baran, R. Szymczak, and VA Novosad
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Optical and magneto-optical properties of Nd0. 5Gd0. 5Fe3 (BO3) 4 single crystal in the near IR spectral region
AV Malakhovskii, SL Gnatchenko, IS Kachur, VG Piryatinskaya, ...
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Photoproduction and relaxation of long-lived active charges in garnet revealed through optical absorption
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Formation and interaction of ferromagnetic clusters in antiferromagnetic films
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Investigation of orientation transitions and coexistence of magnetic phases in the cubic ferrimagnet GdlG
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Pressure effects on the magnetic susceptibility of FeTex ()
AV Fedorchenko, GE Grechnev, VA Desnenko, AS Panfilov, ...
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Influence of magnetic ordering on electronic structure of Tb3+ ion in TbFe3(BO3)4 crystal
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Temperature dependence of magnetic resonance in NiO nanoparticles
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Synthetic ferrimagnets with thermomagnetic switching
AF Kravets, YI Dzhezherya, AI Tovstolytkin, IM Kozak, A Gryshchuk, ...
Physical Review B 90 (10), 104427, 2014
Photoinduced linear birefringence in a crystal with cooperative ordering of Jahn-Teller distortions
SL Gnatchenko, VV Eremenko, SV Sofroneev, NF Kharchenko
JETP Lett. 38, 233-237, 1983
Magnetooptical investigation of the noncollinear magnetic structure of gadolinium iron garnet
NF Kharchenko, VV Eremenko, SL Gnatchenko, LI Belyi, EM Kabanova
Zh. Eksp. Tear. Fiz. 68, 1073, 1975
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