François Fraysse
François Fraysse
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Comparability of measured acceleration from accelerometry-based activity monitors
AV Rowlands, FÇ Fraysse, M Catt, VH Stiles, RM Stanley, RG Eston, ...
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Patterns of correlation between vehicle occupant seat pressure and anthropometry
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User engagement and attrition in an app-based physical activity intervention: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial
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A method to investigate the effect of shoe-hole size on surface marker movement when describing in-shoe joint kinematics using a multi-segment foot model
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The association of the body composition of children with 24-hour activity composition
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Introducing novel approaches for examining the variability of individuals’ physical activity
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A novel method to replicate the kinematics of the carpus using a six degree-of-freedom robot
F Fraysse, JJ Costi, RM Stanley, B Ding, D McGuire, K Eng, GI Bain, ...
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The sedentary behaviour and physical activity patterns of survivors of a critical illness over their acute hospitalisation: An observational study
CE Baldwin, AV Rowlands, F Fraysse, KN Johnston
Australian Critical Care 33 (3), 272-280, 2020
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