Raul Zurita-Milla
Raul Zurita-Milla
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A review on reflective remote sensing and data assimilation techniques for enhanced agroecosystem modeling
WA Dorigo, R Zurita-Milla, AJW de Wit, J Brazile, R Singh, ...
International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation 9 (2 …, 2007
Unmixing-based Landsat TM and MERIS FR data fusion
R Zurita-Milla, JGPW Clevers, ME Schaepman
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Downscaling time series of MERIS full resolution data to monitor vegetation seasonal dynamics
R Zurita-Milla, G Kaiser, J Clevers, W Schneider, ME Schaepman
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Retrieval of spruce leaf chlorophyll content from airborne image data using continuum removal and radiative transfer
Z Malenovský, L Homolová, R Zurita-Milla, P Lukeš, V Kaplan, J Hanuš, ...
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Multitemporal fusion of Landsat/TM and ENVISAT/MERIS for crop monitoring
J Amorós-López, L Gómez-Chova, L Alonso, L Guanter, R Zurita-Milla, ...
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Mapping spatio-temporal variation of grassland quantity and quality using MERIS data and the PROSAIL model
Y Si, M Schlerf, R Zurita-Milla, A Skidmore, T Wang
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Vegetation phenology from Sentinel-2 and field cameras for a Dutch barrier island
A Vrieling, M Meroni, R Darvishzadeh, AK Skidmore, T Wang, ...
Remote sensing of environment 215, 517-529, 2018
Influence of woody elements of a Norway spruce canopy on nadir reflectance simulated by the DART model at very high spatial resolution
Z Malenovský, E Martin, L Homolová, JP Gastellu-Etchegorry, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 112 (1), 1-18, 2008
Applicability of the PROSPECT model for Norway spruce needles
Z Malenovský, J Albrechtová, Z Lhotáková, R Zurita‐Milla, J Clevers, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 27 (24), 5315-5340, 2006
Trends and natural variability of spring onset in the coterminous United States as evaluated by a new gridded dataset of spring indices
TR Ault, MD Schwartz, R Zurita-Milla, JF Weltzin, JL Betancourt
Journal of climate 28 (21), 8363-8378, 2015
Future land use effects on the connectivity of protected area networks in southeastern Spain
M Piquer-Rodríguez, T Kuemmerle, D Alcaraz-Segura, R Zurita-Milla, ...
Journal for Nature Conservation 20 (6), 326-336, 2012
Possibilities and limitations of artificial neural networks for subpixel mapping of land cover
D Nigussie, R Zurita-Milla, J Clevers
International journal of remote sensing 32 (22), 7203-7226, 2011
Multitemporal unmixing of medium-spatial-resolution satellite images: A case study using MERIS images for land-cover mapping
R Zurita-Milla, L Gómez-Chova, L Guanter, JGPW Clevers, ...
IEEE Transactions on geoscience and remote sensing 49 (11), 4308-4317, 2011
Using MERIS on Envisat for land cover mapping in the Netherlands
J Clevers, ME Schaepman, CA Mücher, AJW De Wit, R Zurita‐Milla, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 28 (3-4), 637-652, 2007
Using geographically weighted regression kriging for crop yield mapping in West Africa
M Imran, A Stein, R Zurita-Milla
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Using MERIS fused images for land-cover mapping and vegetation status assessment in heterogeneous landscapes
R Zurita-Milla, J Clevers, JAE Van Gijsel, ME Schaepman
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A cloud-based multi-temporal ensemble classifier to map smallholder farming systems
R Aguilar, R Zurita-Milla, E Izquierdo-Verdiguier, R A De By
Remote sensing 10 (5), 729, 2018
A workflow for automated satellite image processing: From raw VHSR data to object-based spectral information for smallholder agriculture
D Stratoulias, V Tolpekin, RA De By, R Zurita-Milla, V Retsios, W Bijker, ...
Remote sensing 9 (10), 1048, 2017
Co-clustering geo-referenced time series: exploring spatio-temporal patterns in Dutch temperature data
X Wu, R Zurita-Milla, MJ Kraak
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 29 (4), 624-642, 2015
Effects of MERIS L1b radiometric calibration on regional land cover mapping and land products
R Zurita‐Milla, J Clevers, ME Schaepman, M Kneubuehler
International Journal of Remote Sensing 28 (3-4), 653-673, 2007
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