Andrei Smolyakov
Andrei Smolyakov
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Rotating nonlinear magnetic islands in a tokamak plasma
AI Smolyakov, A Hirose, E Lazzaro, GB Re, JD Callen
Physics of Plasmas 2 (5), 1581-1598, 1995
Nonlinear evolution of tearing modes in inhomogeneous plasmas
AI Smolyakov
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Zonal flow generation by parametric instability in magnetized plasmas and geostrophic fluids
AI Smolyakov, PH Diamond, VI Shevchenko
Physics of Plasmas 7 (5), 1349-1351, 2000
Coherent structure phenomena in drift wave–zonal flow turbulence
AI Smolyakov, PH Diamond, M Malkov
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Secondary instability in drift wave turbulence as a mechanism for zonal flow and avalanche formation
PH Diamond, S Champeaux, M Malkov, A Das, I Gruzinov, ...
Nuclear fusion 41 (8), 1067, 2001
Kinetic effects in a Hall thruster discharge
ID Kaganovich, Y Raitses, D Sydorenko, A Smolyakov
Physics of Plasmas 14 (5), 057104, 2007
Kinetic simulation of secondary electron emission effects in Hall thrusters
D Sydorenko, A Smolyakov, I Kaganovich, Y Raitses
Physics of Plasmas 13 (1), 014501, 2006
Screening of resonant magnetic perturbations by flows in tokamaks
M Becoulet, F Orain, P Maget, N Mellet, X Garbet, E Nardon, ...
Nuclear Fusion 52 (5), 054003, 2012
Breakdown of a space charge limited regime of a sheath in a weakly collisional plasma bounded by walls with secondary electron emission
D Sydorenko, I Kaganovich, Y Raitses, A Smolyakov
Physical review letters 103 (14), 145004, 2009
Generalized action invariants for drift waves-zonal flow systems
AI Smolyakov, PH Diamond
Physics of Plasmas 6 (12), 4410-4413, 1999
Plateau regime dynamics of the relaxation of poloidal rotation in tokamak plasmas
VB Lebedev, PN Yushmanov, PH Diamond, SV Novakovskii, ...
Physics of Plasmas 3 (8), 3023-3031, 1996
On neutral wind and blob motion in linear devices
SI Krasheninnikov, AI Smolyakov
Physics of Plasmas 10 (7), 3020-3021, 2003
Effect of Secondary Electron Emission on Electron Cross-Field Current inDischarges
Y Raitses, ID Kaganovich, A Khrabrov, D Sydorenko, NJ Fisch, ...
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 39 (4), 995-1006, 2011
The features of the global GAM in OH and ECRH plasmas in the T-10 tokamak
AV Melnikov, LG Eliseev, SV Perfilov, SE Lysenko, RV Shurygin, ...
Nuclear Fusion 55 (6), 063001, 2015
Steady-state operation scenario and the first experimental result on QUEST
K Hanada, K Sato, H Zushi, K Nakamura, M Sakamoto, H Idei, ...
Plasma and fusion research 5, S1007-S1007, 2010
Surface waves on a quantum plasma half-space
M Lazar, PK Shukla, A Smolyakov
Physics of Plasmas 14 (12), 124501, 2007
Long wavelength gradient drift instability in Hall plasma devices. I. Fluid theory
W Frias, AI Smolyakov, ID Kaganovich, Y Raitses
Physics of Plasmas 19 (7), 072112, 2012
Role of ion diamagnetic effects in the generation of large scale flows in toroidal ion temperature gradient mode turbulence
AI Smolyakov, PH Diamond, MV Medvedev
Physics of Plasmas 7 (10), 3987-3992, 2000
Fluid theory and simulations of instabilities, turbulent transport and coherent structures in partially-magnetized plasmas of discharges
AI Smolyakov, O Chapurin, W Frias, O Koshkarov, I Romadanov, T Tang, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 59 (1), 014041, 2016
Internal measurements of Alfvén eigenmodes with heavy ion beam probing in toroidal plasmas
AV Melnikov, LG Eliseev, R Jiménez-Gómez, E Ascasibar, C Hidalgo, ...
Nuclear fusion 50 (8), 084023, 2010
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