Serban Peteu
Serban Peteu
Senior scientist
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Microbiosensor used in-situ
RM Worden, D Emerson, SF Peteu
US Patent 5,611,900, 1997
Responsive polymers for crop protection
SF Peteu, F Oancea, OA Sicuia, F Constantinescu, S Dinu
Polymers 2 (3), 229-251, 2010
Artificial muscle material with fast electroactuation under neutral pH conditions
EA Moschou, SF Peteu, LG Bachas, MJ Madou, S Daunert
Chemistry of materials 16 (12), 2499-2502, 2004
Polymerized crystalline colloidal array chemical-sensing materials for detection of lead in body fluids
SA Asher, SF Peteu, CE Reese, M Lin, D Finegold
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 373 (7), 632-638, 2002
Electronic Olfactory Sensor Based on A. mellifera Odorant‐Binding Protein 14 on a Reduced Graphene Oxide Field‐Effect Transistor
M Larisika, C Kotlowski, C Steininger, R Mastrogiacomo, P Pelosi, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (45), 13245-13248, 2015
A Clark-type oxidase enzyme-based amperometric microbiosensor for sensing glucose, galactose, or choline
SF Peteu, D Emerson, RM Worden
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 11 (10), 1059-1071, 1996
Peer reviewed: Responsive drug delivery systems
SK Deo, EA Moschou, SF Peteu, LG Bachas, S Daunert, PE Eisenhardt, ...
Analytical chemistry 75 (9), 206 A-213 A, 2003
Cobalt phthalocyanine tetracarboxylic acid modified reduced graphene oxide: a sensitive matrix for the electrocatalytic detection of peroxynitrite and hydrogen peroxide
IS Hosu, Q Wang, A Vasilescu, SF Peteu, V Raditoiu, S Railian, V Zaitsev, ...
RSC advances 5 (2), 1474-1484, 2015
Nanostructured poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)–metalloporphyrin films: Improved catalytic detection of peroxynitrite
S Peteu, P Peiris, E Gebremichael, M Bayachou
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 25 (8), 1914-1921, 2010
Peroxynitrite activity of hemin-functionalized reduced graphene oxide
R Oprea, SF Peteu, P Subramanian, W Qi, E Pichonat, H Happy, ...
Analyst 138 (15), 4345-4352, 2013
Nitro-oxidative species in vivo biosensing: challenges and advances with focus on peroxynitrite quantification
SF Peteu, R Boukherroub, S Szunerits
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 58, 359-373, 2014
Polymer wear and its control
LH Lee
American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 1985
Surface Plasmon Resonance based sensing of lysozyme in serum on Micrococcus lysodeikticus-modified graphene oxide surfaces
A Vasilescu, S Gáspár, M Gheorghiu, S David, V Dinca, S Peteu, Q Wang, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 89, 525-531, 2017
Polymerized hemin as an electrocatalytic platform for peroxynitrite's oxidation and detection
SF Peteu, T Bose, M Bayachou
Analytica chimica acta 780, 81-88, 2013
Method and assembly for determining the temperature of a test sensor
JD Blais, S Sun, B Harrison, NC Parasnis, SF Peteu, T Nguyen, P Ripley, ...
US Patent 8,105,841, 2012
Electrochemical detection of peroxynitrite using hemin–PEDOT functionalized boron-doped diamond microelectrode
SF Peteu, BW Whitman, JJ Galligan, GM Swain
Analyst 141 (5), 1796-1806, 2016
A catalase microbiosensor for detecting hydrogen peroxide
D Emerson, SF Peteu, RM Worden
Biotechnology techniques 10 (9), 673-678, 1996
Multistrip cartridge
E Prais, MA Botta, N Parasnis, S Peteu, J Creaven, S Yao
US Patent 9,204,829, 2015
Responsive materials configured for micro-and nanoactuation
SF Peteu
Journal of intelligent material systems and structures 18 (2), 147-152, 2007
Semiconductor based analyte sensors and methods
M Wu, J Fei, S Peteu, HCS Sun, R Gifford
US Patent 9,439,585, 2016
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