Andrzej Rybak
Andrzej Rybak
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Conductive polymer composites based on metallic nanofiller as smart materials for current limiting devices
A Rybak, G Boiteux, F Melis, G Seytre
Composites Science and Technology 70 (2), 410-416, 2010
Electrical and thermomechanical properties of segregated nanocomposites based on PVC and multiwalled carbon nanotubes
YP Mamunya, VV Levchenko, A Rybak, G Boiteux, EV Lebedev, J Ulanski, ...
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 356 (11-17), 635-641, 2010
Modification of epoxy–anhydride thermosets using a hyperbranched poly (ester‐amide): I. Kinetic study
X Fernández‐Francos, A Rybak, R Sekula, X Ramis, A Serra
Polymer international 61 (12), 1710-1725, 2012
Photogeneration and photovoltaic effect in blends of derivatives of hexabenzocoronene and perylene
J Jung, A Rybak, A Slazak, S Bialecki, P Miskiewicz, I Glowacki, J Ulanski, ...
Synthetic metals 155 (1), 150-156, 2005
Photogeneration and transport in thin films of p-and n-type discotic liquid crystals
P Miskiewicz, A Rybak, J Jung, I Glowacki, J Ulanski, Y Geerts, M Watson, ...
Synthetic metals 137, 905-906, 2003
Enhanced thermal conductivity of epoxy–matrix composites with hybrid fillers
K Gaska, A Rybak, C Kapusta, R Sekula, A Siwek
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 26 (1), 26-31, 2015
Charge carrier transport in layers of discotic liquid crystals as studied by transient photocurrents
A Rybak, J Pfleger, J Jung, M Pavlik, I Glowacki, J Ulanski, Z Tomovic, ...
Synthetic metals 156 (2-4), 302-309, 2006
Polymer matrix influence on stability of wood polymer composites
R Porebska, A Rybak, B Kozub, R Sekula
Polymers for Advanced Technologies 26 (9), 1076-1082, 2015
Magnetic-aligned, magnetite-filled epoxy composites with enhanced thermal conductivity
K Gaska, G Kmita, A Rybak, R Sekula, K Goc, C Kapusta
Journal of materials science 50 (6), 2510-2516, 2015
Synthesis of polystyrene coated SiC nanowires as fillers in a polyurethane matrix for electromechanical conversion
A Rybak, M Warde, E Beyou, P Chaumont, M Bechelany, A Brioude, ...
Nanotechnology 21 (14), 145610, 2010
Gas barrier, thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of highly aligned graphene-LDPE nanocomposites
K Gaska, R Kádár, A Rybak, A Siwek, S Gubanski
Polymers 9 (7), 294, 2017
Photovoltaic effect in novel polysilane with phenothiazine rings and its blends with fullerene
A Rybak, J Jung, W Ciesielski, J Ulanski
Mater. Sci. Poland 24, 527-534, 2006
Influence of molecular order on charge carrier photogeneration in perylene derivative layer
A Rybak, W Pisula, J Jung, J Ulanski
Thin Solid Films 516 (12), 4201-4207, 2008
Photogeneration and photovoltaic effect in poly (N-vinylcarbazole): TiO2 bulk-heterojunction elaborated by hydrolysis–condensation reactions of TiO2 precursors
V Barlier, V Bounor-Legaré, G Boiteux, J Davenas, A Slazak, A Rybak, ...
Synthetic Metals 159 (5-6), 508-512, 2009
Interaction of conductor with polymeric materials (XLPE/EPR) at partial discharges
B Florkowska, J Roehrich, P Zydron, M Florkowski, A Rybak
IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 19 (6), 2119-2127, 2012
Modification of epoxy–anhydride thermosets with a hyperbranched poly (ester amide). II. Thermal, dynamic mechanical, and dielectric properties and thermal reworkability
X Fernández‐Francos, A Rybak, R Sekula, X Ramis, F Ferrando, ...
Journal of applied polymer science 128 (6), 4001-4013, 2013
An investigation into the influence of filler silanization conditions on mechanical and thermal parameters of epoxy resin-fly ash composites
J Sroka, A Rybak, R Sekula, M Sitarz
Journal of Polymers and the Environment 24 (4), 298-308, 2016
Functional composites with core–shell fillers: I. Particle synthesis and thermal conductivity measurements
A Rybak, K Gaska
Journal of materials science 50 (23), 7779-7789, 2015
Silicon nanowire/P3HT hybrid solar cells: effect of the electron localization at wire nanodiameters
J Davenas, SB Dkhil, D Cornu, A Rybak
Energy Procedia 31, 136-143, 2012
Novel conductive polymer composites based on poly (butylene terephtalate) filled with carbon fibers
L Bardash, G Boiteux, G Seytre, C Hakme, N Dargère, A Rybak, F Melis
e-Polymers 8 (1), 2008
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