Blake Eason Hildreth III
Blake Eason Hildreth III
Assistant Professor, University of Alabama-Birmingham Department of Pathology
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Comparison of arthroscopy and arthrotomy for diagnosis of medial meniscal pathology: an ex vivo study
Veterinary surgery 37 (8), 749-755, 2008
Animal models of bone metastasis
JK Simmons, BE Hildreth III, W Supsavhad, SM Elshafae, BB Hassan, ...
Veterinary pathology 52 (5), 827-841, 2015
The midregion, nuclear localization sequence, and C terminus of PTHrP regulate skeletal development, hematopoiesis, and survival in mice
RE Toribio, HA Brown, CM Novince, B Marlow, K Hernon, LG Lanigan, ...
The FASEB Journal 24 (6), 1947-1957, 2010
In vitro evaluation of five canine tibial plateau leveling methods
BE Hildreth III, DJ Marcellin-Little, SC Roe, OLA Harrysson
American journal of veterinary research 67 (4), 693-700, 2006
Effect of zoledronic acid and amputation on bone invasion and lung metastasis of canine osteosarcoma in nude mice
TD Wolfe, SPS Pillai, BE Hildreth, LG Lanigan, CK Martin, JL Werbeck, ...
Clinical & experimental metastasis 28 (4), 377-389, 2011
Self-doped polyaniline-based interdigitated electrodes for electrical stimulation of osteoblast cell lines
Y Min, Y Liu, Y Poojari, JC Wu, BE Hildreth III, TJ Rosol, AJ Epstein
Synthetic metals 198, 308-313, 2014
Expression of DGCR8‐dependent microRNAs is indispensable for osteoclastic development and bone‐resorbing activity
T Sugatani, BE Hildreth III, RE Toribio, HH Malluche, KA Hruska
Journal of cellular biochemistry 115 (6), 1043-1047, 2014
Canine prostate cancer cell line (Probasco) produces osteoblastic metastases in vivo
JK Simmons, WP Dirksen, BE Hildreth III, C Dorr, C Williams, R Thomas, ...
The Prostate 74 (13), 1251-1265, 2014
PTHrP 1-141 and 1-86 increase in vitro bone formation
BE Hildreth III, JL Werbeck, NK Thudi, X Deng, TJ Rosol, RE Toribio
Journal of Surgical Research 162 (2), e9-e17, 2010
Combined zoledronic acid and meloxicam reduced bone loss and tumour growth in an orthotopic mouse model of bone‐invasive oral squamous cell carcinoma
CK Martin, WP Dirksen, MM Carlton, LG Lanigan, SP Pillai, JL Werbeck, ...
Veterinary and comparative oncology 13 (3), 203-217, 2015
Enhancer variants reveal a conserved transcription factor network governed by PU. 1 during osteoclast differentiation
HA Carey, BE Hildreth, JA Geisler, MC Nickel, J Cabrera, S Ghosh, ...
Bone research 6 (1), 1-12, 2018
Ulnocarpal arthrodesis for the treatment of radial agenesis in a dog
BE Hildreth III, KA Johnson
Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology 20 (03), 231-235, 2007
Disruption of stromal hedgehog signaling initiates RNF5-mediated proteasomal degradation of PTEN and accelerates pancreatic tumor growth
JR Pitarresi, X Liu, A Avendano, KA Thies, GM Sizemore, AM Hammer, ...
Life science alliance 1 (5), 2018
Biomechanical and histologic comparison of single-layer continuous Cushing and simple continuous appositional cystotomy closure by use of poliglecaprone 25 in rats with …
BE Hildreth III, GW Ellison, JF Roberts, CA Adin, TJ Holloway, LL Archer, ...
American journal of veterinary research 67 (4), 686-692, 2006
The FGF‐23/klotho axis and its relationship with phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D, PTH, aldosterone, severity of disease, and outcome in hospitalised foals
AM Kamr, KA Dembek, BE Hildreth III, PR Morresey, RA Rathgeber, ...
Equine veterinary journal 50 (6), 739-746, 2018
Failure to target RANKL signaling through p38‐MAPK results in defective osteoclastogenesis in the microphthalmia cloudy‐eyed mutant
HA Carey, A Bronisz, J Cabrera, BE Hildreth III, M Cuitiño, QI Fu, A Ahmad, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 231 (3), 630-640, 2016
Generation of a pancreatic cancer model using a Pdx1-Flp recombinase knock-in allele
J Wu, X Liu, SG Nayak, JR Pitarresi, MC Cuitiño, L Yu, BE Hildreth III, ...
PloS one 12 (9), e0184984, 2017
p16, pRb, and p53 in feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
W Supsavhad, WP Dirksen, BE Hildreth, TJ Rosol
Veterinary sciences 3 (3), 18, 2016
Effects of parathyroid hormone-related protein and macrophage inflammatory protein-1α in Jurkat T-cells on tumor formation in vivo and expression of apoptosis regulatory genes …
ST Shu, WP Dirksen, LG Lanigan, CK Martin, NK Thudi, JL Werbeck, ...
Leukemia & lymphoma 53 (4), 688-698, 2012
Comparison of arthroscopy and arthrotomy for the diagnosis of meniscal pathology: an in vitro study
A Pozzi, BE Hildreth, PJ Rajala-Schultz
Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference Veterinary Orthopaedic Society …, 2007
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