Rachael D. Garrett
Rachael D. Garrett
Assistant Professor
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The role of supply-chain initiatives in reducing deforestation
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Assessing the potential additionality of certification by the round table on responsible soybeans and the roundtable on sustainable palm oil
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Criteria for effective zero-deforestation commitments
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Determinants of crop-livestock integration in Brazil: Evidence from the household and regional levels
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Ecology and Society 22 (3), 2017
Maximizing the intersection of human health and the health of the environment with regard to the amount and type of protein produced and consumed in the United States
CD Gardner, JC Hartle, RD Garrett, LC Offringa, AS Wasserman
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Tradeoffs in the quest for climate smart agricultural intensification in Mato Grosso, Brazil
JDB Gil, RD Garrett, A Rotz, V Daioglou, J Valentim, GF Pires, MH Costa, ...
Environmental Research Letters 13 (6), 064025, 2018
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