Johan Eyckmans
Johan Eyckmans
professor environmental economics, KU Leuven, Faculty of Economcis & Business, campus Brussels
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Simulating coalitionally stable burden sharing agreements for the climate change problem
J Eyckmans, H Tulkens
Public goods, environmental externalities and fiscal competition, 218-249, 2006
Optimal transfers and participation decisions in international environmental agreements
C Carraro, J Eyckmans, M Finus
The Review of International Organizations 1 (4), 379-396, 2006
The economics of enhanced landfill mining: private and societal performance drivers
S Van Passel, M Dubois, J Eyckmans, S De Gheldere, F Ang, PT Jones, ...
Journal of cleaner production 55, 92-102, 2013
Coalition Formation in a Global Warming Game: How the Design of Protocols Affects the Success of Environmental Treaty‐making
J Eyckmans, M Finus
Natural Resource Modeling 19 (3), 323-358, 2006
Downcycling versus recycling of construction and demolition waste: Combining LCA and LCC to support sustainable policy making
A Di Maria, J Eyckmans, K Van Acker
Waste management 75, 3-21, 2018
Efficiency and distribution in greenhouse negotiations
J Eyckmans, S Proost, E Schokkaert
The Economics of International Environmental Agreements, 157, 1999
An almost ideal sharing scheme for coalition games with externalities
J Eyckmans, M Finus
FEEM Working Paper, 2004
Wasteful waste-reducing policies? The impact of waste reduction policy instruments on collection and processing costs of municipal solid waste
S De Jaeger, J Eyckmans, N Rogge, T Van Puyenbroeck
Waste Management 31 (7), 1429-1440, 2011
Is Kyoto fatally flawed? An analysis with MacGEM
J Eyckmans, D Van Regemorter, V Van Steenberghe
An Analysis with Macgem (June 2002), 2002
Measures to enhance the success of global climate treaties
J Eyckmans, M Finus
International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 7 (1), 73-97, 2007
The stability and effectiveness of climate coalitions
K Lessmann, U Kornek, V Bosetti, R Dellink, J Emmerling, J Eyckmans, ...
Environmental and Resource Economics 62 (4), 811-836, 2015
Simulating with RICE coalitionally stable burden sharing agreements for the climate change problem
J Eyckmans, H Tulkens
Nota di Lavoro, 1999
Nash implementation of a proportional solution to international pollution control problems
J Eyckmans
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 33 (3), 314-330, 1997
New roads to international environmental agreements: the case of global warming
J Eyckmans, M Finus
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 7 (4), 391-414, 2006
On the farsighted stability of the Kyoto Protocol
J Eyckmans
Working Paper Series, Faculty of Economics and Applied Economic Sciences …, 2001
Strengthening bottom-up and top-down climate governance
J Dirix, W Peeters, J Eyckmans, PT Jones, S Sterckx
Climate Policy 13 (3), 363-383, 2013
Moral concerns on tradable pollution permits in international environmental agreements
J Eyckmans, S Kverndokk
Ecological Economics 69 (9), 1814-1823, 2010
The impact of the unilateral EU commitment on the stability of international climate agreements
T Bréchet, J Eyckmans, F Gerard, P Marbaix, H Tulkens, JP Van Ypersele
Climate Policy 10 (2), 148-166, 2010
Defining and measuring the circular economy: a mathematical approach
JF García-Barragán, J Eyckmans, S Rousseau
Ecological Economics 157, 369-372, 2019
Efficiency and equity of the EU burden sharing agreement
J Eyckmans, J Cornillie
UCL, CORE; Louvain-la-Neuve, 2000
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