Rostyslav V. Bubnov - Бубнов Р.В.
Rostyslav V. Bubnov - Бубнов Р.В.
Clinical hospital "Pheophania"/КЛ "Феофанія"; Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology NASU
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Medicine in the early twenty-first century: paradigm and anticipation-EPMA position paper 2016
O Golubnitschaja, B Baban, G Boniolo, W Wang, R Bubnov, M Kapalla
EPMA J. 7, 23, 2016
General Report & Recommendations in Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine 2012: White Paper of the European Association of Predictive, Preventive and Personalised …
MM Costigliola V, Golubnitschaja O, Anna Benini
The EPMA journal 3 (1), 1-53, 2012
A multi-center analysis of adverse events among two thousand, three hundred and seventy two adult patients undergoing adult autologous stem cell therapy for orthopaedic conditions
CJ Centeno, H Al-Sayegh, MD Freeman, J Smith, WD Murrell, R Bubnov
International orthopaedics 40, 1755–1765, 2016
Ultrasound guided injections of Platelets Rich Plasma for muscle injury in professional athletes. Comparative study.
R Bubnov, V Yevseenko, I Semeniv
Med Ultrason 15 (2), 101-105, 2013
EPMA position paper in cancer: current overview and future perspectives
G Grech, X Zhan, BC Yoo, R Bubnov, S Hagan, R Danesi, G Vittadini, ...
EPMA Journal 6 (1), 1-31, 2015
“Pre-metastatic niches” in breast cancer: are they created by or prior to the tumour onset? “Flammer Syndrome” relevance to address the question
R Bubnov, J Polivka Jr, P Zubor, K Koniczka, O Golubnitschaja
EPMA J 8 (2), 141-57, 2017
Probiotics and immunity: provisional role for personalized diets and disease prevention
RV Bubnov, MY Spivak, LM Lazarenko, A Bomba, NV Boyko
EPMA Journal 6 (1), 1-11, 2015
Predictive diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia and personalized therapeutic strategy in women of fertile age
VM Goncharenko, VA Beniuk, OV Kalenska, OM Demchenko, MY Spivak, ...
EPMA Journal 4 (1), 1-20, 2013
Development and testing of gold nanoparticles for drug delivery and treatment of heart failure: a theranostic potential for PPP cardiology
MY Spivak, RV Bubnov, IM Yemets, LM Lazarenko, NO Tymoshok, ...
EPMA Journal 4 (1), 20, 2013
The efficacy of probiotics for monosodium glutamate-induced obesity: dietology concerns and opportunities for prevention
OA Savcheniuk, OV Virchenko, TM Falalyeyeva, TV Beregova, ...
EPMA Journal 5 (1), 1-17, 2014
A tumor DNA complex aberration index is an independent predictor of survival in breast and ovarian cancer
HKM Vollan, OM Rueda, SF Chin, C Curtis, G Turashvili, S Shah, ...
Molecular oncology 9 (1), 115-127, 2015
Comparative study of probiotic effects of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains on cholesterol levels, liver morphology and the gut microbiota in obese mice
RV Bubnov, LP Babenko
EPMA J, 2017
Assessing value of innovative molecular diagnostic tests in the concept of predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine
I Akhmetov, RV Bubnov
EPMA Journal 6 (1), 1-12, 2015
Gold nanoparticles-the theranostic challenge for PPPM: nanocardiology application
MY Spivak, RV Bubnov, IM Yemets, LM Lazarenko, NO Tymoshok, ...
EPMA Journal 4 (1), 1-17, 2013
Evidence-based pain management: is the concept of integrative medicine applicable?
RV Bubnov
EPMA Journal 3 (1), 13, 2012
The role of beneficial bacteria wall elasticity in regulating innate immune response
VV Мokrozub, LM Lazarenko, LM Sichel, LP Babenko, PM Lytvyn, ...
EPMA Journal 6 (1), 1-15, 2015
Antioxidative effects of cerium dioxide nanoparticles ameliorate age-related male infertility: optimistic results in rats and the review of clinical clues for integrative …
NM Kobyliak, TM Falalyeyeva, OG Kuryk, TV Beregova, PM Bodnar, ...
EPMA Journal 6 (1), 1-22, 2015
Specific properties of probiotic strains: relevance and benefits for the host
RV Bubnov, LP Babenko, LM Lazarenko, VV Mokrozub, MY Spivak
EPMA J 9 (2), 205–223, 2018
How do probiotics and prebiotics function at distant sites?
G Reid, T Abrahamsson, M Bailey, LB Bindels, R Bubnov, K Ganguli
Benef Microbes. 8 (4), 521–33, 2017
The use of trigger point" dry" needling under ultrasound guidance for the treatment of myofascial pain (technological innovation and literature review).
RV Bubnov
Lik Sprava, 56-64., 2010
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