Chris Leighton
Chris Leighton
Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota
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Artificial ‘spin ice’in a geometrically frustrated lattice of nanoscale ferromagnetic islands
RF Wang, C Nisoli, RS Freitas, J Li, W McConville, BJ Cooley, MS Lund, ...
Nature 439 (7074), 303, 2006
Glassy ferromagnetism and magnetic phase separation in La 1− x Sr x CoO 3
J Wu, C Leighton
Physical Review B 67 (17), 174408, 2003
Interface-induced phenomena in magnetism
F Hellman, A Hoffmann, Y Tserkovnyak, GSD Beach, EE Fullerton, ...
Reviews of modern physics 89 (2), 025006, 2017
Asymmetric magnetization reversal in exchange-biased hysteresis loops
MR Fitzsimmons, P Yashar, C Leighton, IK Schuller, J Nogués, ...
Physical review letters 84 (17), 3986, 2000
Aqueous only route toward graphene from graphite oxide
KH Liao, A Mittal, S Bose, C Leighton, KA Mkhoyan, CW Macosko
ACS nano 5 (2), 1253-1258, 2011
Coercivity enhancement in exchange biased systems driven by interfacial magnetic frustration
C Leighton, J Nogués, BJ Jönsson-Åkerman, IK Schuller
Physical review letters 84 (15), 3466, 2000
Correlation between antiferromagnetic interface coupling and positive exchange bias
J Nogués, C Leighton, IK Schuller
Physical Review B 61 (2), 1315, 2000
Imaging and phase identification of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films using confocal Raman spectroscopy
AJ Cheng, M Manno, A Khare, C Leighton, SA Campbell, ES Aydil
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 29 (5 …, 2011
Crystallites of magnetic charges in artificial spin ice
S Zhang, I Gilbert, C Nisoli, GW Chern, MJ Erickson, L O’Brien, ...
Nature 500 (7464), 553, 2013
Electronic transport in doped SrTiO 3: Conduction mechanisms and potential applications
A Spinelli, MA Torija, C Liu, C Jan, C Leighton
Physical Review B 81 (15), 155110, 2010
Reliability of normal-state current–voltage characteristics as an indicator of tunnel-junction barrier quality
BJ Jönsson-Åkerman, R Escudero, C Leighton, S Kim, IK Schuller, ...
Applied Physics Letters 77 (12), 1870-1872, 2000
Intergranular giant magnetoresistance in a spontaneously phase separated perovskite oxide
J Wu, JW Lynn, CJ Glinka, J Burley, H Zheng, JF Mitchell, C Leighton
Physical review letters 94 (3), 037201, 2005
Magnetic Phase Separation in L a 1− x S r x C o O 3 by C o 59 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
PL Kuhns, MJR Hoch, WG Moulton, AP Reyes, J Wu, C Leighton
Physical review letters 91 (12), 127202, 2003
Magnetocaloric effect and refrigerant capacity in charge-ordered manganites
NS Bingham, MH Phan, H Srikanth, MA Torija, C Leighton
Journal of Applied Physics 106 (2), 023909, 2009
Direct measurement of the low-temperature spin-state transition in LaCoO 3
RF Klie, JC Zheng, Y Zhu, M Varela, J Wu, C Leighton
Physical review letters 99 (4), 047203, 2007
Magnetic superlattices and multilayers
IK Schuller, S Kim, C Leighton
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 200 (1-3), 571-582, 1999
Two-stage magnetization reversal in exchange biased bilayers
C Leighton, MR Fitzsimmons, P Yashar, A Hoffmann, J Nogués, J Dura, ...
Physical review letters 86 (19), 4394, 2001
Sphericity and symmetry breaking in the formation of Frank–Kasper phases from one component materials
S Lee, C Leighton, FS Bates
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (50), 17723-17731, 2014
Hopping transport and the Hall effect near the insulator–metal transition in electrochemically gated poly (3-hexylthiophene) transistors
S Wang, M Ha, M Manno, CD Frisbie, C Leighton
Nature communications 3, 1210, 2012
Fabrication and thermal stability of arrays of Fe nanodots
K Liu, J Nogués, C Leighton, H Masuda, K Nishio, IV Roshchin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 81 (23), 4434-4436, 2002
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