Levonas Manusadzianas
Levonas Manusadzianas
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A practical and user‐friendly toxicity classification system with microbiotests for natural waters and wastewaters
G Persoone, B Marsalek, I Blinova, A Törökne, D Zarina, ...
Environmental Toxicology: An International Journal 18 (6), 395-402, 2003
Dissolved humic substances–ecological driving forces from the individual to the ecosystem level?
CEW Steinberg, S Kamara, VY Prokhotskaya, L Manusadžianas, ...
Freshwater Biology 51 (7), 1189-1210, 2006
Bioaugmentation and biostimulation effects on PAH dissipation and soil ecotoxicity under controlled conditions
H Hamdi, S Benzarti, L Manusadžianas, I Aoyama, N Jedidi
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 39 (8), 1926-1935, 2007
Ecotoxicological study of Lithuanian and Estonian wastewaters: selection of the biotests, and correspondence between toxicity and chemical-based indices
L Manusadžianas, L Balkelyt, K Sadauskas, I Blinova, L Põllumaa, ...
Aquatic toxicology 63 (1), 27-41, 2003
Toxicity of copper oxide nanoparticle suspensions to aquatic biota
L Manusadžianas, C Caillet, L Fachetti, B Gylytė, R Grigutytė, ...
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 31 (1), 108-114, 2012
Solid-phase bioassays and soil microbial activities to evaluate PAH-spiked soil ecotoxicity after a long-term bioremediation process simulating landfarming
H Hamdi, S Benzarti, L Manusadžianas, I Aoyama, N Jedidi
Chemosphere 70 (1), 135-143, 2007
Effects of anthracene, pyrene and benzo [a] pyrene spiking and sewage sludge compost amendment on soil ecotoxicity during a bioremediation process
H Hamdi, L Manusadžianas, I Aoyama, N Jedidi
Chemosphere 65 (7), 1153-1162, 2006
Biotest—And chemistry-based hazard assessment of soils, sediments and solid wastes
L Põllumaa, A Kahru, L Manusadzianas
Journal of Soils and Sediments 4, 267-275, 2004
Ecotoxicological effects evoked in hydrophytes by leachates of invasive Acer negundo and autochthonous Alnus glutinosa fallen off leaves during their microbial decomposition
A Krevš, J Darginavičienė, B Gylytė, R Grigutytė, S Jurkonienė, ...
Environmental pollution 173, 75-84, 2013
Response of the charophyte Nitellopsis obtusa to heavy metals at the cellular, cell membrane, and enzyme levels
L Manusadžianas, G Maksimov, J Darginavičienė, S Jurkonienė, ...
Environmental Toxicology: An International Journal 17 (3), 275-283, 2002
Common and particular biochemical responses of Unio tumidus to herbicide, pharmaceuticals and their combined exposure with heating
V Khoma, L Gnatyshyna, V Martinyuk, T Mackiv, L Mishchenko, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety 208, 111695, 2021
Wastewater toxicity assessment using the electrophysiological response of a charophyte Nitellopsis obtusa
L Manusadžianas, R Vitkus, V Sakalauskas
Environmental Toxicology and Water Quality 10 (1), 49-56, 1995
Ecotoxicity effects triggered in aquatic organisms by invasive Acer negundo and native Alnus glutinosa leaf leachates obtained in the process of aerobic …
L Manusadžianas, J Darginavičienė, B Gylytė, S Jurkonienė, A Krevš, ...
Science of the Total Environment 496, 35-44, 2014
Indication of the impact of environmental stress on the responses of the bivalve mollusk Unio tumidus to ibuprofen and microplastics based on biomarkers of reductive stress and …
V Martyniuk, V Khoma, T Matskiv, V Baranovsky, K Orlova-Hudim, ...
Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology …, 2022
Stress responses of bivalve mollusc Unio tumidus from two areas to ibuprofen, microplastic and their mixture
V Martyniuk, B Gylytė, T Matskiv, V Khoma, H Tulaidan, L Gnatyshyna, ...
Ecotoxicology 31 (9), 1369-1381, 2022
Leachate toxicity assessment by responses of algae Nitellopsis obtusa membrane ATPase and cell resting potential, and with Daphtoxkit F™ magna test
S Jurkonienė, G Maksimov, J Darginavičienė, K Sadauskas, R Vitkus, ...
Environmental Toxicology: An International Journal 19 (4), 403-408, 2004
Response of oxidative stress enzymes in charophyte Nitellopsis obtusa exposed to allochthonous leaf extracts from beech Fagus sylvatica
R Grigutytė, J Nimptsch, L Manusadžianas, S Pflugmacher
Biologija 55 (3-4), 2009
Phytotoxicities of Selected Chemicals and Industrial Effluents to Nitellopsis obtusa Cells, Assessed by Using a Rapid Electrophysiological Charophyte Test
L Manusadžianas, R Vitkus, R Pörtner, H Märkl
Alternatives To Laboratory Animals 27 (3), 379-386, 1999
Environmental concentrations of Roundup in combination with chlorpromazine or heating causes biochemical disturbances in the bivalve mollusc Unio tumidus
V Khoma, V Martinyuk, T Matskiv, L Gnatyshyna, V Baranovsky, M Gladiuk, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-12, 2022
Comparative study of indices used in toxicity evaluation of effluents
L Manusadžianas, K Sadauskas, R Vitkus
Desalination 250 (1), 383-389, 2010
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