Elena Ratschen
Elena Ratschen
Reader in Health Services Research, University of York
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Human-animal relationships and interactions during the Covid-19 lockdown phase in the UK: Investigating links with mental health and loneliness
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S Kastaun, J Brown, LS Brose, E Ratschen, T Raupach, D Nowak, ...
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A randomised controlled trial of a complex intervention to reduce children’s exposure to secondhand smoke in the home
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Complete smokefree policies in mental health inpatient settings: results from a mixed-methods evaluation before and after implementing national guidance
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Smoking attitudes, behaviour and nicotine dependence among mental health acute inpatients: an exploratory study
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Retail price and point of sale display of tobacco in the UK: a descriptive study of small retailers
D Spanopoulos, E Ratschen, A McNeill, J Britton
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Preparing for completely smoke-free mental health settings: findings on patient smoking, resources spent facilitating smoking breaks, and the role of smoking in reported …
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The perceived impact of the first UK COVID-19 lockdown on companion animal welfare and behaviour: a mixed-method study of associations with owner mental health
E Shoesmith, L Santos de Assis, L Shahab, E Ratschen, P Toner, D Kale, ...
International journal of environmental research and public health 18 (11), 6171, 2021
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