Bruno Viana
Bruno Viana
CNRS, PSL University, Chimie-Paristech,
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The in vivo activation of persistent nanophosphors for optical imaging of vascularization, tumours and grafted cells
T Maldiney, A Bessière, J Seguin, E Teston, SK Sharma, B Viana, AJJ Bos, ...
Nature materials 13 (4), 418-426, 2014
Effects of annealing on properties of ZnO thin films prepared by electrochemical deposition in chloride medium
O Lupan, T Pauporté, L Chow, B Viana, F Pellé, LK Ono, BR Cuenya, ...
Applied Surface Science 256 (6), 1895-1907, 2010
Low‐voltage UV‐electroluminescence from ZnO‐Nanowire array/p‐GaN light‐emitting diodes
O Lupan, T Pauporté, B Viana
Advanced Materials 22 (30), 3298-3302, 2010
Controlling electron trap depth to enhance optical properties of persistent luminescence nanoparticles for in vivo imaging
T Maldiney, A Lecointre, B Viana, A Bessière, M Bessodes, D Gourier, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (30), 11810-11815, 2011
Photonic and nanobiophotonic properties of luminescent lanthanide-doped hybrid organic–inorganic materials
P Escribano, B Julian-Lopez, J Planelles-Aragó, E Cordoncillo, B Viana, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (1), 23-40, 2008
ZnGa 2 O 4: Cr 3+: a new red long-lasting phosphor with high brightness
A Bessière, S Jacquart, K Priolkar, A Lecointre, B Viana, D Gourier
Optics express 19 (11), 10131-10137, 2011
Storage of visible light for long-lasting phosphorescence in chromium-doped zinc gallate
A Bessière, SK Sharma, N Basavaraju, KR Priolkar, L Binet, B Viana, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (3), 1365-1373, 2014
Diode-pumped Yb:Sr3Y(BO3)3 femtosecond laser
DK F. Druon, S. Chénais, P. Raybaut, F. Balembois, P. Georges, R. Gaumé, G ...
Optics Letters 27 (3), 197-199, 2002
47-fs diode-pumped Yb 3+: CaGdAlO 4 laser
Y Zaouter, J Didierjean, F Balembois, GL Leclin, F Druon, P Georges, ...
Optics letters 31 (1), 119-121, 2006
A simple model for the prediction of thermal conductivity in pure and doped insulating crystals
R Gaumé, B Viana, D Vivien, JP Roger, D Fournier
Applied physics letters 83 (7), 1355-1357, 2003
Determination of laser parameters of ytterbium-doped oxide crystalline materials
PH Haumesser, R Gaumé, B Viana, D Vivien
JOSA B 19 (10), 2365-2375, 2002
Designing a Red Persistent Luminescence Phosphor: The Example of YPO4:Pr3+,Ln3+ (Ln = Nd, Er, Ho, Dy)
A Lecointre, A Bessière, AJJ Bos, P Dorenbos, B Viana, S Jacquart
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (10), 4217-4227, 2011
Scintillation properties of Lu2Si2O7: Ce3+, a fast and efficient scintillator crystal
L Pidol, A Kahn-Harari, B Viana, B Ferrand, P Dorenbos, JTM De Haas, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 15 (12), 2091, 2003
Toward laser emission of epitaxial nanorod arrays of ZnO grown by electrodeposition
T Pauporté, D Lincot, B Viana, F Pellé
Applied Physics Letters 89 (23), 233112, 2006
Wavelength‐emission tuning of ZnO nanowire‐based light‐emitting diodes by Cu doping: experimental and computational insights
O Lupan, T Pauporté, T Le Bahers, B Viana, I Ciofini
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (18), 3564-3572, 2011
Silver-doped zinc oxide single nanowire multifunctional nanosensor with a significant enhancement in response
O Lupan, V Cretu, V Postica, M Ahmadi, BR Cuenya, L Chow, I Tiginyanu, ...
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 223, 893-903, 2016
Spectroscopic and crystal-field analysis of new Yb-doped laser materials
PH Haumesser, R Gaume, B Viana, E Antic-Fidancev, D Vivien
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (23), 5427, 2001
High efficiency of lutetium silicate scintillators, Ce-doped LPS, and LYSO crystals
L Pidol, A Kahn-Harari, B Viana, E Virey, B Ferrand, P Dorenbos, ...
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 51 (3), 1084-1087, 2004
Efficient laser action of Yb: LSO and Yb: YSO oxyorthosilicates crystals under high-power diode-pumping
M Jacquemet, C Jacquemet, N Janel, F Druon, F Balembois, P Georges, ...
Applied Physics B 80 (2), 171-176, 2005
Evidence and Consequences of Cein LYSO:Ce,Ca and LYSO:Ce,Mg Single Crystals for Medical Imaging Applications
S Blahuta, A Bessiere, B Viana, P Dorenbos, V Ouspenski
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 60 (4), 3134-3141, 2013
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