Franck Dernoncourt
Franck Dernoncourt
Research Scientist, Adobe Research
Підтверджена електронна адреса в - Домашня сторінка
Sequential Short-Text Classification with Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks
JY Lee, F Dernoncourt
NAACL 2016, 2016
De-identification of Patient Notes with Recurrent Neural Networks
F Dernoncourt, JY Lee, O Uzuner, P Szolovits
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 2016
Introduction to fuzzy logic
F Dernoncourt
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2013
NeuroNER: an easy-to-use program for named-entity recognition based on neural networks
F Dernoncourt, JY Lee, P Szolovits
EMNLP, 2017
Comparing deep learning and concept extraction based methods for patient phenotyping from clinical narratives
S Gehrmann, F Dernoncourt, Y Li, ET Carlson, JT Wu, J Welt, J Foote Jr, ...
PloS one 13 (2), 2018
Moocdb: Developing data standards for MOOC data science
K Veeramachaneni, F Dernoncourt, C Taylor, Z Pardos, UM O’Reilly
AIED 2013 Workshops Proceedings Volume, 17, 2013
A Discourse-Aware Attention Model for Abstractive Summarization of Long Documents
A Cohan, F Dernoncourt, DS Kim, T Bui, S Kim, W Chang, N Goharian
NAACL 2018, 2018
Transfer Learning for Named-Entity Recognition with Neural Networks
JY Lee, F Dernoncourt, P Szolovits
LREC 2018, 2017
MoocViz: A Large Scale, Open Access, Collaborative, Data Analytics Platform for MOOCs
F Dernoncourt, C Taylor, UM O’Reilly, K Veeramachaneni, S Wu, C Do, ...
NIPS Education Workshop, 2013
PubMed 200k RCT: a Dataset for Sequential Sentence Classification in Medical Abstracts
F Dernoncourt, JY Lee
IJCNLP 2017, 2017
Moocdb: Developing standards and systems to support mooc data science
K Veeramachaneni, S Halawa, F Dernoncourt, UM O'Reilly, C Taylor, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1406.2015, 2014
MIT at SemEval-2017 Task 10: Relation Extraction with Convolutional Neural Networks
JY Lee, F Dernoncourt, P Szolovits
SemEval, 2017
Improving patient cohort identification using natural language processing
RF Sarmiento, F Dernoncourt
Secondary analysis of electronic health records, 405-417, 2016
Neural Networks for Joint Sentence Classification in Medical Paper Abstracts
F Dernoncourt, JY Lee, P Szolovits
EACL 2017, 2016
Behind the scenes: A medical natural language processing project
JT Wu, F Dernoncourt, S Gehrmann, PD Tyler, ET Moseley, ET Carlson, ...
International Journal of Medical Informatics 112, 68-73, 2018
Feature-Augmented Neural Networks for Patient Note De-identification
JY Lee, F Dernoncourt, O Uzuner, P Szolovits
COLING Clinical NLP, 2016
Optimizing Neural Network Hyperparameters with Gaussian Processes for Dialog Act Classification
F Dernoncourt, JY Lee
IEEE Spoken Lanuage Technology, 2016
beatDB: A Large Scale Waveform Feature Repository
F Dernoncourt, K Veeramachaneni, UM O'Reilly
NIPS 2013, Machine Learning for Clinical Data Analysis and Healthcare Workshop, 2013
Gaussian Process-based Feature Selection for Wavelet Parameters: Predicting Acute Hypotensive Episodes from Physiological Signals
F Dernoncourt, K Veeramachaneni, UM O’Reilly
IEEE 28th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, 2015
Replacing the computer mouse
F Dernoncourt
MIT CSAIL Student Workshop 2012, 2012
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