David L Gibbs
David L Gibbs
Research Scientist
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The immune landscape of cancer
V Thorsson, DL Gibbs, SD Brown, D Wolf, DS Bortone, THO Yang, ...
Immunity 48 (4), 812-830. e14, 2018
Comprehensive characterization of cancer driver genes and mutations
MH Bailey, C Tokheim, E Porta-Pardo, S Sengupta, D Bertrand, ...
Cell 173 (2), 371-385. e18, 2018
Integrative molecular characterization of malignant pleural mesothelioma
J Hmeljak, F Sanchez-Vega, KA Hoadley, J Shih, C Stewart, D Heiman, ...
Cancer discovery 8 (12), 1548-1565, 2018
Perspective on oncogenic processes at the end of the beginning of cancer genomics
L Ding, MH Bailey, E Porta-Pardo, V Thorsson, A Colaprico, D Bertrand, ...
Cell 173 (2), 305-320. e10, 2018
The Human Tumor Atlas Network: charting tumor transitions across space and time at single-cell resolution
O Rozenblatt-Rosen, A Regev, P Oberdoerffer, T Nawy, A Hupalowska, ...
Cell 181 (2), 236-249, 2020
Combining dependent P-values with an empirical adaptation of Brown’s method
W Poole, DL Gibbs, I Shmulevich, B Bernard, TA Knijnenburg
Bioinformatics 32 (17), i430-i436, 2016
The ISB Cancer Genomics Cloud: a flexible cloud-based platform for cancer genomics research
SM Reynolds, M Miller, P Lee, K Leinonen, SM Paquette, Z Rodebaugh, ...
Cancer research 77 (21), e7-e10, 2017
Genomic and molecular characterization of preterm birth
TA Knijnenburg, JG Vockley, N Chambwe, DL Gibbs, C Humphries, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (12), 5819-5827, 2019
Copy number variation analysis in 98 individuals with PHACE syndrome
DH Siegel, JTC Shieh, E Kwon, E Baselga, F Blei, M Cordisco, ...
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 133 (3), 677-684, 2013
Multi-omic network signatures of disease
DL Gibbs, LE Gralinski, RS Baric, SK McWeeney
Frontiers in genetics 4, 309, 2014
Protein co-expression network analysis (ProCoNA)
DL Gibbs, A Baratt, RS Baric, Y Kawaoka, RD Smith, ES Orwoll, MG Katze, ...
Journal of clinical bioinformatics 3 (1), 1-10, 2013
Solving the influence maximization problem reveals regulatory organization of the yeast cell cycle
DL Gibbs, I Shmulevich
PLoS computational biology 13 (6), e1005591, 2017
A pan-cancer approach to predict responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibitors by machine learning
M Polano, M Chierici, M Dal Bo, D Gentilini, F Di Cintio, L Baboci, ...
Cancers 11 (10), 1562, 2019
ADAPTS: Automated deconvolution augmentation of profiles for tissue specific cells
SA Danziger, DL Gibbs, I Shmulevich, M McConnell, MWB Trotter, ...
PLoS One 14 (11), e0224693, 2019
A generalizable data-driven multicellular model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
B Aguilar, DL Gibbs, DJ Reiss, M McConnell, SA Danziger, A Dervan, ...
GigaScience 9 (7), giaa075, 2020
CRI iAtlas: an interactive portal for immuno-oncology research
JA Eddy, V Thorsson, AE Lamb, DL Gibbs, C Heimann, JX Yu, V Chung, ...
F1000Research 9, 2020
Flexibility of Boolean Network Reservoir Computers in Approximating Arbitrary Recursive and Non-Recursive Binary Filters
M Echlin, B Aguilar, M Notarangelo, DL Gibbs, I Shmulevich
Entropy 20 (12), 954, 2018
Robust classification of Immune Subtypes in Cancer
DL Gibbs
bioRxiv, 2020
Using incomplete trios to boost confidence in family based association studies
V Dhankani, DL Gibbs, T Knijnenburg, R Kramer, J Vockley, ...
Frontiers in genetics 7, 34, 2016
PRoBE the cloud toolkit: finding the best biomarkers of drug response within a breast cancer clinical trial
N O'Grady, DL Gibbs, K Abdilleh, A Asare, S Asare, S Venters, ...
JAMIA open 4 (2), ooab038, 2021
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