Julien Oster
Julien Oster
Inserm, France
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ECG signal quality during arrhythmia and its application to false alarm reduction
J Behar, J Oster, Q Li, GD Clifford
IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 60 (6), 1660-1666, 2013
Noninvasive fetal ECG: the PhysioNet/computing in cardiology challenge 2013
I Silva, J Behar, R Sameni, T Zhu, J Oster, GD Clifford, GB Moody
Computing in Cardiology 2013, 149-152, 2013
Semisupervised ECG ventricular beat classification with novelty detection based on switching Kalman filters
J Oster, J Behar, O Sayadi, S Nemati, AEW Johnson, GD Clifford
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 62 (9), 2125-2134, 2015
A comparison of single channel fetal ECG extraction methods
J Behar, A Johnson, GD Clifford, J Oster
Annals of biomedical engineering 42 (6), 1340-1353, 2014
Combining and benchmarking methods of foetal ECG extraction without maternal or scalp electrode data
J Behar, J Oster, GD Clifford
Physiological measurement 35 (8), 1569, 2014
A practical guide to non-invasive foetal electrocardiogram extraction and analysis
J Behar, F Andreotti, S Zaunseder, J Oster, GD Clifford
Physiological measurement 37 (5), R1, 2016
Multimodal heart beat detection using signal quality indices
AEW Johnson, J Behar, F Andreotti, GD Clifford, J Oster
Physiological measurement 36 (8), 1665, 2015
An ECG simulator for generating maternal-foetal activity mixtures on abdominal ECG recordings
J Behar, F Andreotti, S Zaunseder, Q Li, J Oster, GD Clifford
Physiological measurement 35 (8), 1537, 2014
Non-invasive FECG extraction from a set of abdominal sensors
J Behar, J Oster, GD Clifford
Computing in Cardiology 2013, 297-300, 2013
An open-source framework for stress-testing non-invasive foetal ECG extraction algorithms
F Andreotti, J Behar, S Zaunseder, J Oster, GD Clifford
Physiological measurement 37 (5), 627, 2016
Robust detection of heart beats in multimodal data
I Silva, B Moody, J Behar, A Johnson, J Oster, GD Clifford, GB Moody
Physiological measurement 36 (8), 1629, 2015
Open source Java-based ECG analysis software and Android app for atrial fibrillation screening
J Oster, J Behar, R Colloca, Q Li, Q Li, GD Clifford
Computing in Cardiology 2013, 731-734, 2013
Nonlinear Bayesian filtering for denoising of electrocardiograms acquired in a magnetic resonance environment
J Oster, O Pietquin, M Kraemer, J Felblinger
IEEE Transactions on biomedical engineering 57 (7), 1628-1638, 2010
Impact of the presence of noise on RR interval-based atrial fibrillation detection
J Oster, GD Clifford
Journal of electrocardiology 48 (6), 947-951, 2015
R-peak estimation using multimodal lead switching
AEW Johnson, J Behar, F Andreotti, GD Clifford, J Oster
Computing in Cardiology 2014, 281-284, 2014
Human-based approaches to pharmacology and cardiology: an interdisciplinary and intersectorial workshop
B Rodriguez, A Carusi, N Abi-Gerges, R Ariga, O Britton, G Bub, ...
Ep Europace 18 (9), 1287-1298, 2015
A 1.5 T MRI‐conditional 12‐lead electrocardiogram for MRI and intra‐MR intervention
ZTH Tse, CL Dumoulin, GD Clifford, J Schweitzer, L Qin, J Oster, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 71 (3), 1336-1347, 2014
Independent component analysis-based artefact reduction: application to the electrocardiogram for improved magnetic resonance imaging triggering
J Oster, O Pietquin, R Abächerli, M Kraemer, J Felblinger
Physiological measurement 30 (12), 1381, 2009
Evaluation of algorithms for multi-modality whole heart segmentation: an open-access grand challenge
X Zhuang, L Li, C Payer, D Štern, M Urschler, MP Heinrich, J Oster, ...
Medical image analysis 58, 101537, 2019
ECG-based gating in ultra high field cardiovascular magnetic resonance using an independent component analysis approach
JW Krug, G Rose, GD Clifford, J Oster
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 15 (1), 104, 2013
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