Esha Jain
Esha Jain
The Broad Institute , Dana Farber Cancer Institute
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Inhibition of dihydroorotate dehydrogenase overcomes differentiation blockade in acute myeloid leukemia
DB Sykes, YS Kfoury, FE Mercier, MJ Wawer, JM Law, MK Haynes, ...
Cell 167 (1), 171-186. e15, 2016
SIRT6 suppresses pancreatic cancer through control of Lin28b
S Kugel, C Sebastián, J Fitamant, KN Ross, SK Saha, E Jain, A Gladden, ...
Cell 165 (6), 1401-1415, 2016
Prevalence and mutational determinants of high tumor mutation burden in breast cancer
R Barroso-Sousa, E Jain, O Cohen, D Kim, J Buendia-Buendia, E Winer, ...
Annals of Oncology 31 (3), 387-394, 2020
The Angiosarcoma Project: enabling genomic and clinical discoveries in a rare cancer through patient-partnered research
CA Painter, E Jain, BN Tomson, M Dunphy, RE Stoddard, BS Thomas, ...
Nature medicine 26 (2), 181-187, 2020
Tumor Mutational Burden and PTEN Alterations as Molecular Correlates of Response to PD-1/L1 Blockade in Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Clinical Cancer Research 26 (11), 2565-2572, 2020
A specialized mechanism of translation mediated by FXR1a-associated microRNP in cellular quiescence
SIA Bukhari, SS Truesdell, S Lee, S Kollu, A Classon, M Boukhali, E Jain, ...
Molecular cell 61 (5), 760-773, 2016
Single-cell transcriptional analysis of normal, aberrant, and malignant hematopoiesis in zebrafishSingle-cell analysis in zebrafish hematopoiesis
FE Moore, EG Garcia, R Lobbardi, E Jain, Q Tang, JC Moore, M Cortes, ...
The Journal of experimental medicine 213 (6), 979-992, 2016
TOX regulates growth, DNA repair, and genomic instability in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
R Lobbardi, J Pinder, B Martinez-Pastor, M Theodorou, JS Blackburn, ...
Cancer discovery 7 (11), 1336-1353, 2017
Building and analysis of protein-protein interactions related to diabetes mellitus using support vector machine, biomedical text mining and network analysis
R Vyas, S Bapat, E Jain, M Karthikeyan, S Tambe, BD Kulkarni
Computational biology and chemistry 65, 37-44, 2016
The Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) project: Accelerating translational research through direct patient engagement.
N Wagle, C Painter, E Anastasio, M Dunphy, M McGillicuddy, D Kim, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 35 (15_suppl), 1076-1076, 2017
Genomic characterization of de novo metastatic breast cancer
AC Garrido-Castro, LF Spurr, ME Hughes, YY Li, AD Cherniack, P Kumari, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 27 (4), 1105-1118, 2021
A study of applications of machine learning based classification methods for virtual screening of lead molecules
R Vyas, S Bapat, E Jain, S S Tambe, M Karthikeyan, B D Kulkarni
Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening 18 (7), 658-672, 2015
Abstract B085: High mutation burden and response to immune checkpoint inhibitors in angiosarcomas of the scalp and face
C Painter, E Jain, M Dunphy, E Anastasio, M McGillicuddy, R Stoddard, ...
Cancer Immunology Research 7 (2 Supplement), B085-B085, 2019
The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project: Partnering with patients to accelerate progress in cancer research
N Wagle, C Painter, E Anastasio, M Dunphy, M McGillicuddy, R Stoddard, ...
Cancer Research 78 (13 Supplement), 5371-5371, 2018
Count me in: A patient-driven research initiative to accelerate cancer research.
N Wagle, C Painter, EM Van Allen, AJ Bass, E Anastasio, M Dunphy, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 36 (15_suppl), e13501-e13501, 2018
Characterization of mutational processes in ER+ metastatic breast cancer.
J Buendia-Buendia, O Cohen, D Kim, E Jain, EP Winer, NU Lin, N Wagle
Journal of Clinical Oncology 37 (15_suppl), 1019-1019, 2019
Abstract PD9-02: Evolutionary analysis of 462 serial metastatic biopsies from 208 patients with estrogen receptor-positive (ER+) metastatic breast cancer (MBC) using whole …
O Cohen, J Buendia-Buendia, S Wander, U Nayar, P Mao, A Waks, D Kim, ...
Cancer Research 79 (4 Supplement), PD9-02-PD9-02, 2019
Abstract PD9-03: The genomic landscape of de novo metastatic breast cancer (MBC)
E Jain, D Kim, JB Buendia, O Cohen, RB Sousa, E Anastasio, M Dunphy, ...
Cancer Research 79 (4 Supplement), PD9-03-PD9-03, 2019
The Angiosarcoma Project: Generating the genomic landscape of an exceedingly rare cancer through a nationwide patient-driven initiative
M Dunphy, E Jain, E Anastasio, M McGillicuddy, R Stoddard, B Thomas, ...
Cancer Research 78 (13 Supplement), 5384-5384, 2018
A phase II study of efficacy, toxicity, and the potential impact of genomic alterations on response to eribulin mesylate in combination with trastuzumab and pertuzumab in women …
SM Balch, I Vaz-Luis, T Li, N Tayob, E Jain, K Helvie, ...
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 189 (2), 411-423, 2021
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