Coline Jaworski
Coline Jaworski
University of Cambridge, Zoology Department, UK
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Preference and prey switching in a generalist predator attacking local and invasive alien pests
CC Jaworski, A Bompard, L Genies, E Amiens-Desneux, N Desneux
PLoS One 8 (12), e82231, 2013
Sharing a predator: can an invasive alien pest affect the predation on a local pest?
A Bompard, CC Jaworski, P Bearez, N Desneux
Population Ecology 55 (3), 433-440, 2013
Apparent competition between major pests reduces pest population densities on tomato crop, but not yield loss
CC Jaworski, A Chailleux, P Bearez, N Desneux
Journal of pest science 88 (4), 793-803, 2015
Varying the spatial arrangement of synthetic herbivore‐induced plant volatiles and companion plants to improve conservation biological control
CC Jaworski, D Xiao, Q Xu, R Ramirez‐Romero, X Guo, S Wang, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (5), 1176-1188, 2019
Long-term, large-scale releases of Trichogramma promote pesticide decrease in maize in northeastern China
NX Huang, CC Jaworski, N Desneux, F Zhang, PY Yang, S Wang
Entomologia Generalis 40 (4),, 2020
Chromosome‐level hybrid de novo genome assemblies as an attainable option for nonmodel insects
CC Jaworski, CW Allan, LM Matzkin
Molecular ecology resources, 10.1111/1755-0998.13176, 2020
The outbreaks of nontarget mirid bugs promote arthropod pest suppression in Bt cotton agroecosystems
W Li, L Wang, CC Jaworski, F Yang, B Liu, Y Jiang, Y Lu, K Wu, ...
Plant biotechnology journal 18 (2), 322, 2020
Maize fields are a potential sink for an outbreaking mirid bug pest in Chinese Bt-cotton agricultural landscapes
Z Jiao, CC Jaworski, Y Lu, L Ye, K Wu, N Desneux
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 279, 122-129, 2019
Flower strips adjacent to greenhouses help reduce pest populations and insecticide applications inside organic commercial greenhouses
S Li, CC Jaworski, S Hatt, F Zhang, N Desneux, S Wang
Journal of Pest Science 94, 679–689, 2021
Dynamics and persistence in a metacommunity centred on the plant Antirrhinum majus: theoretical predictions and an empirical test
CC Jaworski, C Thebaud, J Chave
Journal of Ecology 104 (2), 456-468, 2016
The Influence of Prior Learning Experience on Pollinator Choice: An Experiment Using Bumblebees on Two Wild Floral Types of Antirrhinum majus
CC Jaworski, C Andalo, C Raynaud, V Simon, C Thébaud, J Chave
PloS one 10 (8), e0130225, 2015
Pollinator Specific Richness and Their Interactions With Local Plant Species: 10 Years of Sampling in Mediterranean Habitats
L Ropars, L Affre, M Aubert, C Fernandez, F Flacher, D Genoud, F Guiter, ...
Environmental Entomology, 10.1093/ee/nvaa061, 2020
Combining banker plants to achieve long-term pest control in multi-pest and multi-natural enemy cropping systems
X Chen, CC Jaworski, H Dai, Y Liang, X Guo, S Wang, LS Zang, ...
Journal of Pest Science, 1-13, 2021
Multiple global change impacts on parasitism and biocontrol services in future agricultural landscapes
LS Monticelli, J Bishop, N Desneux, GM Gurr, CC Jaworski, AHC McLean, ...
Advances in Ecological Research, 2021
Integrated pest management of Tuta absoluta: practical implementations across different world regions
N Desneux, P Han, R Mansour, J Arnó, T Brévault, MR Campos, ...
Journal of Pest Science, 1-23, 2021
Multiple global change impacts on parasitism and biocontrol services in future landscapes
AJV LS Monticelli, J Bishop, N Desneux, GM Gurr, CC Jaworski, AHC McLean, E ...
Advances in Ecological Research,, 2021
Flower provision reduces intraguild predation between predators and increases aphid biocontrol in tomato
Y Liang, X Chen, H Dai, J Wang, X Guo, S Wang, CC Jaworski
Journal of Pest Science, 1-12, 2021
Combining Banker Plants To Achieve High Pest Control Efficiency In Multi-Pest, Multi-Natural Enemy Cropping Systems
X Chen, CC Jaworski, H Dai, Y Liang, X Guo, S Wang, LS Zang, ...
Effects of aphid density and plant taxa on predatory ladybeetle abundance at field and landscape scales
H Pan, B Liu, CC Jaworski, L Yang, Y Liu, N Desneux, E Thomine, Y Lu
Insects 11 (10), 695; doi:10.3390/insects11100695, 2020
Interactions plantes-insectes dans le réseau d'espèces pyrénéen d'Antirrhinum majus: métacommunauté, comportement et odeurs florales
C Jaworski
Université de Toulouse, Université Toulouse III-Paul Sabatier, 2015
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