Kateri Bertran
Kateri Bertran
Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory USDA - Agricultural Research Service, Athens GA
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Evolution, global spread, and pathogenicity of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5Nx clade 2.3. 4.4
DH Lee, K Bertran, JH Kwon, DE Swayne
Journal of veterinary science 18 (S1), 269-280, 2017
Characterization of the 2012 highly pathogenic avian influenza H7N3 virus isolated from poultry in an outbreak in Mexico: pathobiology and vaccine protection
DR Kapczynski, M Pantin-Jackwood, SG Guzman, Y Ricardez, ...
Journal of virology 87 (16), 9086-9096, 2013
Pathogenesis and transmissibility of highly (H7N1) and low (H7N9) pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)
K Bertran, E Pérez-Ramírez, N Busquets, R Dolz, A Ramis, A Darji, ...
Veterinary research 42 (1), 24, 2011
Lack of chicken adaptation of newly emergent Eurasian H5N8 and reassortant H5N2 high pathogenicity avian influenza viruses in the US is consistent with restricted poultry …
K Bertran, DE Swayne, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DR Kapczynski, ...
Virology 494, 190-197, 2016
Infectivity, transmission and pathogenicity of H5 highly pathogenic avian influenza clade 2.3. 4.4 (H5N8 and H5N2) United States index viruses in Pekin ducks and Chinese geese
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, M Costa-Hurtado, K Bertran, E DeJesus, D Smith, ...
Veterinary research 48 (1), 33, 2017
Experimental West Nile virus infection in Gyr-Saker hybrid falcons
N Busquets, K Bertran, TP Costa, R Rivas, JG de la Fuente, R Villalba, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 12 (6), 482-489, 2012
Pathobiology of avian influenza virus infection in minor gallinaceous species: a review
K Bertran, R Dolz, N Majó
Avian pathology 43 (1), 9-25, 2014
Pathobiology and transmission of highly and low pathogenic avian influenza viruses in European quail (Coturnix c. coturnix)
K Bertran, R Dolz, N Busquets, V Gamino, J Vergara-Alert, AJ Chaves, ...
Veterinary research 44 (1), 23, 2013
The pathogenesis of H7N8 low and highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses from the United States 2016 outbreak in chickens, turkeys and mallards
MJ Pantin-Jackwood, CB Stephens, K Bertran, DE Swayne, E Spackman
PLoS One 12 (5), 2017
Spatiotemporal phylogenetic analysis and molecular characterisation of infectious bursal disease viruses based on the VP2 hyper-variable region
A Alfonso-Morales, O Martínez-Pérez, R Dolz, R Valle, CL Perera, ...
PLoS One 8 (6), 2013
Highly (H5N1) and low (H7N2) pathogenic avian influenza virus infection in falcons via nasochoanal route and ingestion of experimentally infected prey
K Bertran, N Busquets, FX Abad, JG De La Fuente, D Solanes, I Cordón, ...
PloS one 7 (3), 2012
Protection against H7N3 high pathogenicity avian influenza in chickens immunized with a recombinant fowlpox and an inactivated avian influenza vaccines
K Bertran, MS e Silva, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, DE Swayne
Vaccine 31 (35), 3572-3576, 2013
Expression of H5 hemagglutinin vaccine antigen in common duckweed (Lemna minor) protects against H5N1 high pathogenicity avian influenza virus challenge in immunized chickens
K Bertran, C Thomas, X Guo, M Bublot, N Pritchard, JT Regan, KM Cox, ...
Vaccine 33 (30), 3456-3462, 2015
Phylogeographic distribution of very virulent infectious bursal disease virus isolates in the Iberian Peninsula
M Cortey, K Bertran, J Toskano, N Majó, R Dolz
Avian pathology 41 (3), 277-284, 2012
Age is not a determinant factor in susceptibility of broilers to H5N2 clade 2.3. 4.4 high pathogenicity avian influenza virus
K Bertran, DH Lee, C Balzli, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, E Spackman, ...
Veterinary research 47 (1), 116, 2016
Pathobiology of clade 2.3. 4.4 H5Nx high-pathogenicity avian influenza virus infections in minor gallinaceous poultry supports early backyard flock introductions in the Western …
K Bertran, DH Lee, MJ Pantin-Jackwood, E Spackman, C Balzli, ...
Journal of virology 91 (21), e00960-17, 2017
Protection of white leghorn chickens by US emergency H5 vaccination against clade 2.3. 4.4 H5N2 high pathogenicity avian influenza virus
K Bertran, C Balzli, DH Lee, DL Suarez, DR Kapczynski, DE Swayne
Vaccine 35 (46), 6336-6344, 2017
Evaluation of a phylogenetic marker based on genomic segment B of infectious bursal disease virus: facilitating a feasible incorporation of this segment to the molecular …
A Alfonso-Morales, L Rios, O Martinez-Perez, R Dolz, R Valle, CL Perera, ...
PloS one 10 (5), 2015
Epidemiological and pathological investigation of fowl aviadenovirus serotypes 8b and 11 isolated from chickens with inclusion body hepatitis in Spain (2011–2013)
S Oliver-Ferrando, R Dolz, C Calderón, R Valle, R Rivas, M Perez, ...
Avian pathology 46 (2), 157-165, 2017
Impact of vaccination on infection with Vietnam H5N1 high pathogenicity avian influenza virus in hens and the eggs they lay
K Bertran, K Moresco, DE Swayne
Vaccine 33 (11), 1324-1330, 2015
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